10 Tips That Will Improve Your Bubble Play

Are you good at poker? Having a knack for poker strategy is not enough to win poker tournaments. Knowing about the ‘Bubble’ stage of the game and managing your poker hands to beat it rightfully is essential. Here, the term bubble indicates the point when you are about to make money after all the mental tasking.

Reaching very close to the winning position and coming back empty handed is undoubtedly not what any indian poker player hopes for. Beating the bubble requires an extremely tight poker strategy that enables you to be “In the Money”. 

We’ve elaborated a few tips on these strategies to take poker actions that can provide excellent bonuses and rewards. Let’s sneak out on them below.

Top Tips to Improve Bubble Play in Poker

  1. Raise as Much as Possible

Though each of us is well-acquainted with the benefits of raising, it’s not advisable in every position. Open limping might take you off the felts, so avoiding it is wise. There are very few ways to turn the tables before showdown, and raising is one of them. It is a tempting way of winning the odds in your favor.

  1. Fold When Required

Another poker strategy to play around the bubble is to know when you should fold. If you decide to push at late position, raise does not indicate that you must always call. Many players in the bubble know your bluff but refrain from pushing back. Others await big poker hands to counter your raise. 

When this often repeats, loose down the call; if the opponent raises, they might have strong hands. It is possible to re-collect the losses by folding away in the game cycle. Target on winning multiple small hands through the cycle instead of hitting showdown.

  1. Chase Weaker Opponent

One can determine if they want to raise or not, depending on three main factors, namely who’s in blind, their position, and your poker hands. Before the Bubble stage, players must evaluate play-to cashers and chase the ones who are at the weaker spots. Track those players who are not defending blinds and hit them at the right spot.

  1. Focus on Competition

In cash poker tournaments, you must carefully identify your opponents. Few play-to-cashers are piling up the cash pots, and you need a moment to win away the easy free cash. Do not ignore the play-to-winners at the other edge who are also struggling to scoop off all dead money. Adapting the right bubble poker strategy can help you to beat the odds and win lucratively.

  1. Refer to the Chatbox

players skip the most exciting way of beating the bubble. Often you might have observed how players express their emotions and exchange them through the web to win away the pots. 

A close and silent observation of the chat box might provide a clear insight into players and adjusting relevant strategies. Players posting comments are, in a way, instigating you to take a catch on them the next time. Identify these clues and acquire a winning spot in the game.

  1. Never Exploit the Weaknesses of the same players often

Targeting the same player repeatedly by raising their blinds might alert them. When you repeat this, they might retaliate stronger, which might not be in your favor. Several play-to cashers realize this too late; until then, they get singled out.

  1. Protect the Blinds

When you re-raise the blinds multiple times as a poker strategy, there are chances that even high rollers might take a backseat, and you end up nowhere. Impromptu players might try to steal the blind by playing from a late position. Concentrate on safeguarding your blinds as that’s the only way to mitigate the losses and beat the bubble with decent poker hands.

  1. Even Opponent’s Blinds Matters

If you have an aggressive bubble player aside you, they will always try to steal or raise before you, which might hamper your journey. Use it to your benefit by staking a certain amount of money, as it can restrict their tempo. Here, you have two alternatives. Either, stop them from raising or add them to the pot for you. Both work in your favor.

  1. Place Bets from Later Position

When a player observes the flop, it does not indicate that they have a substantial holding. When numerous players steal or re-steal, they might observe numerous flops without viewing strong poker hands. It is crucial to structure your bets in a way that you are at the pushing-in situation. In this way, you can win even with a marginal hand.

  1. Keep a Bigger Stack

When you are around the bubble, the best poker strategy is to push with a 3x big blind raise and try to accumulate as much as possible. Remember that big tournaments have lucrative bubbles, and structuring them rightfully might help double up your stacks.


Getting kicked from the bubble could be painful, but applying such a poker strategy might save you to an extent. Learn from the mistakes and be determined to play bigger and better poker hands. 

Once you know about the algorithm around bubble play, beating it won’t be a big chase. Check out other leading poker apps and sites for upcoming tournaments that allow you to contest and beat the juicy bubbles with a correct poker approach.

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