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1. Education

Education is one of the cornerstones of life. It forms the basis for future success by equipping individuals with knowledge, skills and abilities that allow them to function as productive members of society. Furthermore, education reflects society’s values and beliefs, so when these change, so too does educational practice.

This course’s aim is to introduce participants to the current state of American education, from government policies that have guided it, through classroom teaching methods, to teachers serving as facilitators of learning. It will also explore what role teachers have as facilitators of knowledge.

2. Health

Discover a world in which prosperity and taking care of yourself come first. This category covers everything from fitness training advice to beauty regimen advice – everything you need for making sound choices in our ever-evolving world where trends come and go as quickly.

Since August 10, 2023, 101desires’ Crypto category has provided essential insight into digital currency. From exploring complex blockchain innovations to providing clarity into developing patterns, 101desires’ Crypto category caters for your every need.

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