3 Tips to Make Your Golf Day More Fun

Nowadays, it is extremely hard to take time out for ourselves. We have to be so responsible for the duties that we cannot find proper time to spend with our friends and family, but when we do, we must make the day as good as possible.

Spending time sitting in your own house without the company of your loved ones is just wasting your time. You can do many activities instead of sitting alone in your house and getting bored. Playing golf along with your family and friends can be one of them.

For many people, a game of golf is a great way to reduce stress. Teeing off when you are in a bad mood will channel your tension and stress into something productive. Playing golf has also proven to be an excellent exercise for your heart, especially if you are old.

If you have decided to spend a day with your friends playing golf, here are some tips to make your day more fun.

1. Invite More Friends

One of the most important things you can do to make your day more fun is to invite as many close friends as possible. If your friends do not enjoy playing golf as much as you do, encourage them to spend some more time with you and this sport. 

Keep in mind that you have to prefer the quality of your friends over the quantity. As mentioned above, you need to invite as many friends as possible but try your best to avoid such ones that can ruin your day.

Try to do something unique on this day that can make you and your friends remember this day in the future. There are many things, such as wearing colorful golf shorts or bringing an audio system with you.

2. Plan the Food and Drinks

The second most important thing to do to have a successful golf day is to plan everything earlier, especially the food and the drinks. However, now there are bars at every golf course that can provide you with food and drinks.

The bars at the golf course can provide you with everything, but it might be a little too expensive for you. Bring as many snacks as possible and carry at least 2 liters of water per person. Ensure that you have a good selection of vegetarian and vegan nibbles too.

Check the golf course if the drinking station is permitted, and these can be stocked with water, beer, and even alcohol sometimes. Gin stations at golf courses are also growing in popularity and can bring a nice touch to your day.

3. Include Short Games

Another thing you can do to make your day more fun is to include more short games while playing golf is to include some short games to it. These games will allow you to spend more quality time with your friends.

Playing games like Closest to the Pin, longest drive, and traditional prizes for the overall winner can bring you joy.

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