5 Best Appliances to Make Your Life in the Kitchen Easier

With cooking reality shows becoming a massive hit on TV worldwide, kitchen appliances are in high demand.

Of course, the word ‘best’ can usually be contextualised by the ‘most expensive’ and in each sector of kitchen appliances,  certain manufacturers offer more spec at higher prices.  

However, with everyone’s kitchen being different and appliances used only a couple of times a week or constantly depending on lifestyle and family, this article will concentrate on kitchen appliances that are a stalwart need. 

A trainee chef or cooking enthusiast would have different opinions on specific models of kitchen apparatus to Gordon Ramsey!

So let’s look at kitchen appliances generally and which ones are the most useful to you. 

Below are 5 kitchen appliances that usually make the list.

5 Best Appliances to Make Your Life in the Kitchen Easier


In Australia and the West, generally, we get most of our daily intake of carbohydrates from bread. It is an easy and commonly available staple. But few people make their own, it is almost always bought, and there are several reasons for this.  

Making bread can be time-consuming, which the average worker doesn’t have in today’s fast-paced world. 

However, we are in an age of innovation and solutions. Bread makers are now becoming mainstream and popular. Think of it as a small electric oven that uses and turns raw ingredients into bread, plus you can have some experimental fun with it. 

With new specs on the market, these machines are fast becoming what a rice cooker is to rice! You load your ingredients in order and let the machine do the work. Usually, in around two hours, you are ready to let it rest. 


There are many variations of blenders, but the latest craze is the bullet blender, aptly named as that is.  

They are not big, but they are fast and quickly get the job done! The only slight flaw is they can only make one smoothie or a small amount of blending at a time.  

Touching on smoothies and their growth in popularity has kind of gone hand-in-hand. You can put a bunch of healthy ingredients into one of these first things in the morning, and before you know it, you have an excellent start to the day, and you’re off to work.  

They can also be a fast substitute for a meal, which for busy people can prove invaluable.

However, not to be outdone, the traditional larger blenders are getting very high-tech to keep competitive – take the Westinghouse 1250W Professional Blender, for example, offering eight speeds and six pre-set programs to cater to different needs in the kitchen. So the old blenders are still hanging in there too. 


With the fast-paced life we all tend to live, less time seems to be spent at the family table, as order-in or three-minute microwave meals have become many families’ staples where both parents or partners now have to work.  

However, these unhealthy options can be counteracted with a slow cooker. You can create a fantastic meal, incorporating many ingredients and making cheap cuts of meat super tender, which can be a massive advantage to people on a budget.  

Indeed, these should not be overlooked when you have children to get ready in the morning for school, including yourself with work. 


We all take rice for granted, but it is difficult to make without a rice cooker unless you use the ‘boil in a bag’ option.  

It’s so easy to take your eye off rice while cooking, use the wrong water slightly to measure rice and have to drill rice off the bottom of your pan for two days! 

In the West, as we mentioned earlier, we tend to get more carbs from bread and potatoes.   

However, rice is a staple in many other parts of the world, and the market is not slowing down on producing high-quality rice cookers that do a little more than make rice.  

Rice containing dietary fibre is worth looking into, predominantly brown rice, providing plenty of vitamins and minerals. 

One of the highest spec machines on the market today is the Cuckoo IH 10 Cup Pressure Rice Cooker that delivers:


19 menu options are innovative and show that a rice cooker can be used for more than just rice!


The food processor is still a staple and will be seen in the kitchen for years. Just like our parents, we still use them today.  

With them being very light on time and helping shorten your prep time, they have not gone anywhere but are coming back into kitchen fashion.  

Prep usually is more time-consuming than the cooking itself. While it can slice, chop, grind and puree in double -quick time, this can cut down your big cook. Juicing and making dough is also possible with specific versions so it can be a handy friend.  


So there’s an excellent example for a parent, a budding chef or a couple that is spending too much on unhealthy takeaways and microwave meals. With these kitchen appliances, you’ll give yourself options you weren’t aware of and can get you back to sitting around that dining table again!

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