5 Practical Tips for SAP Analytics Cloud Beginners

With the help of the potent cloud-based analytics tool SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), enterprises may learn important things about their data. However, learning how to use the platform and navigate it successfully might be intimidating for newcomers. In this article, we’ll go over five helpful pointers for new SAP Analytics Cloud users to get them started.

1. Understand Your Data Sources

Understanding your data sources is crucial before adopting SAP Analytics Cloud. You can connect to a number of data sources with SAC, including databases, spreadsheets, and web-based programmes. You must make sure that the data you wish to analyse is accessible to SAC and is available in a format that is compatible. Making ensuring that your data is clear, formatted, and organised so that it makes sense for your research is also crucial.

2. Start with Simple Visualizations

You can begin building visualisations after your data sources are connected to SAC. To familiarise yourself with the platform, it is crucial to begin with straightforward visualisations like bar charts, line charts, and tables. You can experiment with more complex visualisations, including heat maps and scatter plots, as you get more accustomed to SAC.

3. Utilize Pre-Built Templates and Models

You can rapidly start your analysis using the pre-built templates and models provided by SAP Analytics Cloud. You can use these templates as a jumping off point for your own study because they come with pre-built visualisations, computations, and dashboards. You can save time and gain a better grasp of SAC by using these templates.

4. Leverage Collaboration Features

In order to share your findings and cooperate on projects with others, SAP Analytics Cloud offers collaboration options. You can share your analysis with your team members so they can examine it, comment on it, and even edit it. Utilising these collaborative tools can assist you in getting feedback from others and enhancing the calibre of your analysis.

5. Take Advantage of Learning Resources

To assist you in getting started with the platform, SAP Analytics Cloud offers a variety of learning materials, such as documentation, tutorials, and forums. You can gain a better understanding of the platform and find answers to any queries you may have by making use of these tools. To interact with other SAC users and gain knowledge from their experiences, you can also join user groups and go to webinars. With the right SAP analytics cloud training, you can learn a lot about the SAP.

In addition to these tips, there are a few best practices to keep in mind when using SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • Keep your data clean and organized: Make sure your data is clean and organized before you start analyzing it. This can save you time and ensure that your analysis is accurate.
  • Use descriptive and meaningful names: Use descriptive and meaningful names for your visualizations, calculations, and dashboards. This can make it easier for you and others to understand your analysis.
  • Save and backup your work regularly: Save and backup your work regularly to ensure that you do not lose any important data. SAC provides automatic backups, but it is also a good idea to save your work manually.
  • Test your analysis: Test your analysis thoroughly before sharing it with others. Make sure your visualizations and calculations are accurate and that your dashboard is easy to understand.
  • Iterate and refine: Continuously iterate and refine your analysis based on feedback and new data. SAC provides a range of tools that enable you to quickly make changes and update your analysis as needed.


A strong solution like SAP Analytics Cloud can assist companies in deriving important insights from their data. Beginners can use the site successfully by starting with these doable advice and best practices. Remember that mastering SAP Analytics Cloud requires time and practice, but with perseverance and patience, you may realise its full potential. Watch this sap analytics cloud tutorials for beginners to learn more.

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