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About The Executive Mini MBA Accelerator Programme

Strong affiliate partnerships are developed by In Professional Development with organisations that share our commitment to the free exchange of information. We have partnered with the University of Chester to provide the Executive Mini-MBA Accelerator, which is grounded in cutting-edge scholarly research and features a unique synthesis of public and private sector management theory and practice. This innovative five-day programme includes all of the theoretical and practical components of an MBA.

Our experts will guide you through a discussion of leadership, project management, finances, and marketing, and you’ll walk away with new knowledge and skills. Students in this programme will learn about business through theoretical frameworks, illustrative case studies, and hands-on experience that can be used to improve upon current management techniques.

Executive Mini MBA Accelerator

The Executive Mini MBA Accelerator is based on the most recent studies in the field of management and combines them with best-in-class examples of corporate and non-profit sector policy and procedure. The course condenses the core concepts and skills learned in an MBA degree into a lively and informative five-day format. The Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration, accredited by the University of Chester, is also available to students who complete the requirements of the programme.

Strategically bolstered, participants will hear from industry and academic experts on topics like leadership, project management, marketing, and finance. This programme encourages participants to apply the latest and greatest in management theory to their everyday work by combining theoretical concepts with practical examples.

Our Mini-MBA will improve your future prospects in the workplace, raise your level of management consciousness, and give you an all-around education in the fundamentals of business, including management, leadership, organisation, and communication.

Qualifications, Eligibility and Other Course Specifics

Depending on your professional goals, you can choose to earn an accredited or non-accredited Mini-MBA certification. The former will net you 60 additional master’s degree credits from the University of Chester and a PGCert in Business Administration (WBIS). We recommend at least three years of experience in a managerial role prior to enrolling in this course.

The Executive Mini-MBA Programme consists of three separate modules. Each helps you get a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration (WBIS): Leadership for Excellence in Projects and Processes, Finance for Managers and Leaders and Strategic Management for Marketing.

This course meets the requirements for a postgraduate certificate as outlined in the corresponding QAA Subject Benchmark Statement.


This course consists of five sessions, each with a focus on a different aspect of participants’ professional lives. All five classes will consist of the following:

1. Leadership in Action

2. Managing Excellence in Processes and Projects

3. Strategic Management

4. Finance for Managers

5. Marketing Across Boundaries


Students will be graded on their ability to reflect critically on their work in three separate assignments. Due to the nature of work-based learning and the relevance of the assessments to the business context/workplace, both the student and the organisation benefit from the experience.


Throughout the semester, we’ll be here to answer questions and offer advice to help our students succeed. The electronic library at the University of Chester will be available to them. Along with the study skills workshops, participants will receive expert guidance from a trained academic evaluator. All of our tutors and specialists have advanced degrees and years of relevant work experience.

How can you tell if this course is right for you?

If you are committed to learning the following, you should book your place right away:

  • Learn more about fundamental business principles.
  • Use your best judgement and strategic thinking skills.
  • Learn to think critically in the business world.
  • Master the art of coordinated discourse and preparation
  • Improve your professional standing after serving in the military.

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