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Achieving Inclusion Through Diversity And Inclusion Online Courses

Much of our life’s striving as humans involves seeking to live in harmony within ourselves, with others, within broader society and nature. We know instinctively we will thrive if we can optimise all the elements that best go together amongst the myriad of the different parts of our existence. 

Harmony creates congruence or compatibility that helps people establish an accurate matching of their experience with their awareness. It is for this reason that diversity and inclusion online courses focus extensively on the harmonizing effects of achieving greater and greater inclusion. With this improvement comes not only peace and a sense of wholeness as individuals and groups, but an inevitable alignment in mutually beneficial goal attainment.

Unifying forces

Whilst we contemplate how to attain harmony, it is essential to note that it is a process and not a perpetual state of being. On the road to achieving harmony, much conflict is inevitable as diverse ideas, opinions, perspectives, etc. clash. This in and of itself represents a major opportunity if handled correctly. Inclusion assessments bring issues and their innate possibilities to the fore. It is, however, critical that everything that arises as a consequence of inclusion assessments is appropriately prioritised and systematically confronted in the interests of moving towards reaching harmony over time. Nothing about harmony is instantaneous, hence the feeling that it is fleeting and elusive. 

Creating harmony is very much illustrative of the saying that anything worthwhile is demanding. As such, we need to come to terms with the fact that establishing harmony is part of our ongoing growth efforts and will take time and resilience in its pursuit. We, therefore, need support mechanisms to help us find a path that leads to more assured results. A workplace diversity toolkit is immensely useful in this regard as it is a multidimensional resource that surfaces all vital elements in attaining diversity and inclusion. In addition, best practices and concrete illustrations of success are shared fast-tracking the potential for progress. 

Often a sense of harmony is felt when individuals, groups, and organisations feel and see they have breakthroughs after pushing themselves to do things that previously they might not have thought possible. Diversity and inclusion online courses share such stories frequently to demonstrate that harmony is often borne out of struggle and that everyone needs to be realistic about the process. A great enabler to achieving harmony is showing respect for the things that create conflict and give rise to problems. When we learn to acknowledge the nature of our challenges when it comes to our diversity and inclusion ambitions, we will begin the real work of identifying root causes and getting to the heart of the resolution. 

Illuminating discoveries

Until we can unlock the real and often hidden motivations and impediments to us valuing diversity and championing inclusion, we will not be able to discover and understand the essence of establishing harmony with its abundant rewards. There is wisdom shared in diversity and inclusion online courses that highlights harmony is a matching process. Similar to incremental conflict resolutions, often we need to start small, with minor and potentially less threatening or fear-invoking concessions. Gradually working our way towards bigger and bigger negotiated transitions, transformative concessions, and eventually, real paradigm-shifting revelations. 

More positive inclusion assessment results over time will reflect the strides being made in realising increased harmony in the workplace. A sense that everyone is winning is clearly indicative of the joy that flows when workplace diversity toolkits have had an impact and shifted both thinking and behaviour. 

One will also find that diversity and inclusion online courses promote balance which is a central concept enshrined in the achievement of harmony. Often extremes do harm and to achieve our diversity and inclusion goals, we need to be very mindful to tread a steadfast path of equilibrium in all aspects of life. The quest for harmony is always an invitation. It is always voluntarily solicited and it is worth remembering too that “We don’t get harmony when everyone sings the same note” (Doug Floyd). 

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