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Advantages of EB-5 For H-1B Visa Professionals

Initiated by the US Congress in 1990, the EB-5 visa programme provides a straight route to acquiring a Green Card or permanent residency, with the goal of stimulating the US economy. A minimum investment of $1,050,000 in non-TEA regions or $800,000 in Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs) is required of investors to qualify. Furthermore, proof of where the investment funds came from is required. There must be a minimum of ten new jobs created for US residents. This blog highlights the advantages of EB-5 For H-1B visa professionals. For more, visit Shoora LP.

No aging out of children:

By removing the problem of children of visa holders ageing out, the EB-5 visa programme provides a substantial advantage over alternative immigration methods. The EB-5 program guarantees that families can stay together regardless of the child’s age, in contrast to the H-1B visa that requires children to acquire separate visas when they turn 21.

Investor families in the EB-5 program can rest easy knowing that their children will be able to continue their education, work, and live in the US without interruption as a result of visa restrictions. The EB-5 programme gives hope to parents who have worked hard to establish a life in the United States on an H-1B visa for decades that their children would be able to follow in their footsteps and enjoy a prosperous future here.

The certainty of entering the United States:

Due to consulate closures caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, H-1B visa holders encountered considerable uncertainty and difficulties in returning to the US. Many H-1B visa holders were left stuck in their home countries or elsewhere, unable to return to their professions and homes in the U.S., in contrast to green card holders who enjoy relatively smooth re-entry. There has to be immediate change to safeguard the rights and safety of non-immigrant visa holders in times of crisis; the pandemic has shown how important it is to have easy and flexible travel options.

Higher salaries and bargaining chips:

Due to a lack of H-1B sponsoring firms, professionals are unable to demand wages that are fair to their level of education and work experience. They will remain in this situation until they obtain permanent residency under the EB5 Visa Program, which will greatly increase their employability and give them the leverage to negotiate better salaries. There are a number of challenges that might arise as a result of the complexities of preserving visa status, such as the need to turn down promotions in order to keep job profiles unchanged and the possibility of having to reset green card timeframes under the EB-2 or EB-3 categories.

Many applicants already have lengthy timeframes (any delay due to changes in their employment profile might add another decade to their permanent residency status application), so any setbacks in the process could be significant. The issue highlights the difficulties that H-1B visa holders encounter when trying to pursue their careers while meeting immigration regulations and fulfilling their professional goals.

Higher chances of getting internships and work opportunities:

Indeed, visa constraints can make it difficult for international students to obtain internships. However, their chances of success can be greatly improved if they are able to earn a green card while they are in college. Students studying abroad benefit from a green card since it removes the restrictions placed on them by their visa, making them more competitive to potential jobs. Companies are more likely to recruit interns who can easily move into full-time positions after graduation, making them more competitive interns overall.

Employers may see a green card holder as more qualified for certain positions because it shows they intend to remain in the nation permanently. Gaining an internship while on a student visa can open doors to many future prospects, including practical experience, professional connections, and even post-graduation job offers. Thus, a green card can greatly enhance an international student opportunities for internships and, eventually, for landing a job in their dream industry.

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