Best Applications for Small Businesses 

Mobile applications are getting better and better with every new one coming into the store. They are becoming more powerful and more focused, and, more importantly, they can help a business in many ways. Since small businesses and new startups cannot afford to hire dedicated people for everything, applications are their best option to get the work done for free. 

All you need to work with such applications is high-speed internet which you can get from a reliable ISP, such as Spectrum Internet. But, since you are operating a business or looking to start one, you would have sorted that out already. 

Now the only thing that remains is to download applications and integrate them with your business. It is important to do so because the more organized and scheduled your work will be, the more productive your business will become. So, there are millions of applications on the app store that can help your business achieve success.

Here are our top picks for the best applications for small businesses.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a cloud computing platform that helps you manage files with ease. You can share the files among PCs, mobile phones, and tablet computers. The basic business package comes at $6 per user per month with 30 GB of online storage. You can contact their sales support for the extreme package with unlimited storage. 

Google Workspace offers intelligent business tools and an all-in-one solution for basic business purposes and provides a professional experience.


There are many people that sell and ship products online. If you are one of such people, you might be looking for ways to save time and manage your shipping efficiently. Well, then, ShipStation is for you. The starter package comes at $9.99 per month, which allows 50 shipments and one user. 

ShipStation is very simple and easy to use and gives great shipping controls. These include processing orders, getting alerts, printing labels, tracking shipments, and more. Moreover, it works with many e-commerce platforms and streamlines processes according to your business.  


If you want to know your audiences’ likes and interests, the best way is to ask them yourself. And with SurveyMonkey, you can do just that. The basic package is free, while the standard monthly plan costs $35 a month. 

With SurveyMonkey, you can create great surveys for your customers to measure engagements and get feedback on different aspects of your brand. Finally, you can use these stats to improve your business and get more engagement.  


There is always a need to write something down here and there, but why write here and there when you have Evernote. Evernote Basic is free to use, while the Evernote team comes at $14 per user per month with a minimum of two users. 

It is available on both PC and smartphones, and you can easily store notes in the form of text, voice, or photo. Moreover, it provides on-the-move notes taking, saving ideas with ease, and quick Google sign-up to sync everything.


Sometimes documents need urgent approval or signature in meetings, at the desk, or at home. So, when you have no options left, DocuSign helps you collect signatures online in a quick and simple way to make your workflow better. 

DocuSign personal package starts at $10 per month when subscribed annually and $15 when done so monthly. It is a perfect tool to streamline processes with powerful integrations that help collect necessary details and approvals from clients and out-of-reach employees.


Make communications fast and simple with Skype. A free-to-use application that enables chatting with team members from anywhere and everywhere. Moreover, it brings trustworthy audio and video calling or chatting, either in groups or individually.

Skype is a very popular app, and almost everyone with a basic understanding of a computer knows how to use it. So, to streamline your communications, get Skype and stay connected.  

Final Takeaway

The basic requirement to enable success for your business is a fast, reliable, and stable internet connection. You can get it from Spectrum internet. With decent pricing and great packages, Spectrum offers great internet in several locations. It also provides customer support in Spanish; for more information on that, contact its Spanish helpline – servicio al cliente de Spectrum. 

Once that is done, nothing can stop you from building up your business and getting the success that you deserve. So make use of the practical applications mentioned above and start organizing your work, managing tasks, and generating profits – easy and fast.

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