Best Things To Do In Kyoto Japan At Night

Kyoto offers unique evening activities beyond bars and clubs; rather, Kyoto embraces cultural experiences like geisha shows and theater performances instead.

Take a stroll along the Philosopher’s Walk, an easy mile-long path connecting Nanzen-ji and Ginkaku-ji temples to Biwa Canal and Biwa Lake. This area is especially tranquil when cherry blossoms bloom in springtime.

Local Cuisine

Visiting the Local Cuisine is the Best Things To Do In Kyoto, Japan. Den Shichi in Gion offers both Japanese and Western dishes in its menu, such as its popular selection of nigiri sushi. What sets this place apart, though, is how its sushi chef combines French with Japanese cooking techniques to craft unique dishes.

Another great way to experience Kyoto are its numerous tea houses. Here, you can sample matcha green tea ice cream and traditional sweets – plus charming sliding door shops featuring old-style advertisements!

Nishiki Market offers another fantastic opportunity for experiencing local produce. This food arcade spans five blocks and features more than 120 stalls specializing in Japanese delicacies – just make sure that if you plan on visiting after dark you wear comfortable shoes!

If you have an extra day to explore Japan, book a half-day tour that takes you to Ryoanji Temple – home of Buddhism’s founder in Japan – from Kinkakuji by bus (it should only cost approximately 230 Yen per person) and experience its inner and outer palaces with gardens.

Kyoto Nightlife

Foodies will find the ideal way to experience Kyoto on a guided food tour that explores Nishiki Market. Here you’ll get an authentic glimpse into local cuisine and drink culture as well as insights into Kyoto’s history and traditional cooking methods.

An excellent alternative is taking part in a bar hopping tour that visits authentic drinking establishments in Kyoto’s Pontocho district, such as izakayas and pubs. Here you’ll be welcomed into warm, inviting environments where locals offer up a wide range of local alcoholic beverages in convivial settings like this; sipping sake while exchanging pleasantries makes you feel part of their rhythm as you sip sake together with them!

Kyoto is home to some of the world’s most revered temples and shrines, including Kiyomizu-dera Temple which looks especially stunning at night when illuminated. Fushimi Inari Shrine also boasts Senbon Torii arches which glow brightly when illuminated after dark.

Kyoto Station offers modern visitors something truly striking to admire at nighttime, making for a wonderful spot to grab a drink or admire its many open spaces that look down upon the city below.

Visit Nijo Castle

For example, to fully appreciate Nijo Castle, visitors should plan their visit early in the day before crowds of tourists arrive and push through. Doing this also works well when visiting Nishiki Market or Arashiyama bamboo grove – these two attractions in Kyoto tend to become very crowded if visited between 9 am and 4 pm!

Kyoto offers many cultural attractions in addition to traditional sites, like museums. Kyoto National Museum offers visitors an opportunity to see Japanese art as well as historical relics. Also worth seeing are National Museum of Modern Art and National Museum of Contemporary Art – two great art museums located nearby.

Watch a performance of the traditional Geisha Dance at Matsu no Odera Temple to gain further insight into Japanese culture. This dance has been performed for over 1000 years, providing visitors with an insight into life during ancient Japan.Performed by girls wearing long black dresses, this performance typically lasts one hour. Matsu no Odera Temple can be found right in Kyoto city center – making this an absolute must-see! This whole guide was prepared by The Go guy, who has a wide experience traveling the world.

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