Can a foreign company open a bank account in Hong Kong?

On the Global Capital Index, Hong Kong is placed third and is acknowledged as an important financial center. As a result, Hong Kong is one of the top offshore company jurisdictions for foreigners, with about 30 international banking headquarters in the area.

Hong Kong businesses may find opening a corporate bank account challenging and time-consuming. The selection of which businesses will be permitted to register a business bank account is based on several factors.

Here, we’ll go over the factors to take into account when selecting a bank, the documentation required, and the specifics of how to open a Hong Kong corporate bank account step by step.

Can a foreign company open a bank account in Hong Kong?

It is legal for a business registered outside of Hong Kong to apply for a business bank account there. In Hong kong company formation with bank account non-residents may also quickly apply for an account. It is also legal to open a hong kong bank account online overseas.

Banks, however, are frequently hesitant to issue a bank account for a company that is not registered in Hong Kong. Having a basic understanding of creating a bank account in Hong Kong. It would help if you were puzzled about the regulations and registration process for opening a bank account in Hong Kong as a new customer.

Furthermore, creating a bank account in this prominent nation necessitates thorough verification and security, particularly for Hong Kong corporate bank accounts.

Opening a bank account in Hong Kong is possible for foreigners

It is possible to open a business bank account in hong kong non-resident whether or not you are a resident of Hong Kong. However, foreigners might be subject to more demands for identity and verification compared to a resident.

Accounts with many sorts for individuals and businesses

You have the following options as an account holder:

  1. Any person wishing to open a bank account in Hong Kong for foreigners must choose the personal bank account type.
  2.  Hong Kong limited firms or foreign corporations with accounts in Hong Kong may use this corporate bank account.

Documents required in Hong Kong to start a bank account

The list of required documents varies according to the bank but often includes the following:

  • The board of directors passed a resolution authorizing opening a bank account and designating one person as the applicant’s point of contact with the bank.
  • Establishment paperwork: all of these documents attest to the proper incorporation and registration of your business. This includes the articles of association, a current certificate of business registration, and the incorporation document for a Hong Kong corporation.
  • A chart displaying the ownership and management structure of the organization is referred to as a corporate chart. The directors, shareholders, and ultimate beneficial owners of the company must all be listed on one page of this chart. Additionally, it must display each shareholder’s ownership stake in the business. Click here to read more.
  • ID documents: a copy of the executives, shareholders, and ultimate beneficial owners’ ID docs (passport, ID card, or driver’s license).
  • Utility bills or bank statements from the executives, shareholders, and actual beneficial owners are acceptable forms of identification. The proof of residency must include the dwelling address, and is often only three months old. Click here for additional details.
  • Simplified business plans outline the company’s operations and include estimates of its expenses and income for the upcoming 12 months.
  • For offshore businesses, a Certificate of Incumbency and Certificate of Good Standing. If unsure of what this signifies, click here for additional information on the Certificate of Incumbency.

Create a bank account online in Hong Kong.

Some claim that Hong Kong does not allow foreigners to open bank accounts online. There may be various options for foreign clients to open bank accounts in Hong Kong.

But for foreigners, the need for an in-person visit to open a Hong Kong bank account presents challenges and inconveniences. Additionally, all applicants (including pertinent company directors) desiring to open  business bank account in Hong Kong non-resident must appear at the Hong Kong application interview.

With the following options, us citizen open bank account in hong kong remotely is still possible:

❖     Branch application

The “branch application” is a workable option for non-residents to reduce the complexity. They can locate a foreign bank with operations in Hong Kong (HSBC, for example).

They can visit the best bank in Hong Kong for foreigners in their home country to complete all the necessary papers this way, and then when they get to Hong Kong, they can finish the opening process there. Please be aware that only a few banks offer this choice and that each branch has its own rules in this regard. Therefore, it would be best to first speak with your preferred bank or a reliable banking introducer to get things organized.

❖     Creating a digital account

Since remote registration for account opening is possible, it distinguishes a digital account for consumers from other countries. Modern technologies would significantly streamline the traditional method and complete everything online.

Neat, Airwallex, Wise, or Starters are a few of the most highly regarded fintech businesses that provide top-notch digital account opening services.

Some Hong Kong banks permit companies to open corporate bank accounts during COVID-19 without a physical presence. However, the situation may change depending on your company’s particulars and the current policies at the moment at each bank.

The Benefits of Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Hong Kong

Before creating a bank account in Hong Kong, let’s first have a look at some of the benefits of having a corporate bank account there:

1. Tax-free Interest: Hong Kong bank accounts’ interest earnings are not subject to taxation. This is a crucial benefit of having a business bank account.

2. A lower minimum balance requirement for bank accounts: Hong Kong banks must maintain a minimum balance in each account. Although there is a HK$100 monthly charge, the minimum amount can be as low as HK$10,000.

3. Foreign exchange controls on trade in Hong Kong are nonexistent. Capital transfers are accessible and convenient. Therefore, Hong Kong offers free and convenient foreign capital transfers. In other words, there are no restrictions on transferring dividends or profits to your nation of residence.

4. Simple Access to Bank Accounts: Technology has simplified routine banking operations. In Hong Kong, you will enjoy the convenience of being able to examine your account history, business transactions, and bank statements promptly and with just a few clicks.

5. Excellent Banking System: The banking business in Hong Kong is known for having sound laws. The banks are devoted to ensuring high confidentiality of customer information and being highly compliant with banking legislation.

How long does it take to open a business account in Hong Kong?

It can take some time for a company bank account to open in Hong kong. It would help if you planned on waiting several months before your business bank account is operational, depending on the bank.

What steps should you anticipate taking to receive the final okay?

Everything begins with a meeting with a bank representative who will ask you to fill out application papers and instruct you to provide specific documents and company information.

Your application will then be reviewed. Don’t be shocked if this assessment takes longer than expected—at least a few weeks. You might occasionally be requested for further paperwork or justifications during that period.

It’s essential to keep in mind that there is absolutely nothing you can speed up the process, no matter how frustrating it might be.

The process is concluded with a “yes” or “no” response.

The bank’s decision to say “no” is a commercial one and won’t explain why in detail to you.

Why is it challenging in Hong Kong to obtain a business bank account?

In essence, because of multinational criminal actions like Pablo Escobar’s or the Panama Papers.

Nearly every nation has established strict compliance requirements on banks to combat these activities.

These guidelines are known as anti-money laundering laws and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures (AML). In other words, banks must be aware of their customers’ transactions. However, enforcing these compliance regulations is becoming increasingly expensive for banks. They also risk receiving multi-million dollar fines if something goes wrong, as they become more and more complicated every year.

Overall, this means that banks are less interested in making the process of opening accounts for SMEs simple because SME business accounts are less profitable for banks. Even easiest bank to open a business account in Hong Kong have been urged to deal with the issue by the local business community and regulatory bodies.


Let’s say you’re launching a business abroad or even in that nation. In that scenario, you are strongly advised to work with Hong Kong company formation services that are conversant in the region’s corporate law. Additionally, they are knowledgeable about upholding compliance with all relevant laws and rules governing Hong Kong company creation.

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