Can we take bioviz max daily?

We are seeing an increasing rate of old people population compared to the birth of a baby due to the comprehensive healthcare system. As a person ages, the body goes through natural changes as a result of the ageing process towards the body cells. We may be able to recognize changes to the skin and hair such as wrinkles and greyish hair, being the most visible sign of an ageing process. Ageing is also inevitable from happening to the eyes and causes eyesight problems. You may actually slow down this eye ageing by taking supplements like the Bio-Vizmax.

    Bio-Vizmax is formulated based on major clinical trial studies called ARED & AREDS2 (Age-Related Eye Disease Studies) which runs studies on cataract and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Cataract and AMD are among eye disorders that are common among the elderly due to the natural ageing process. Both of these eye disorders certainly lead a person to have a low quality of life due to inability to see clearly and the need to seek assistance to perform daily life activities. In severe cases, a person might even lose their eyesight as a result of the complications.

    Based on the ARED & AREDS2 studies, it is discovered that high levels of antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin with zinc help to reduce risk for advanced AMD and risk for vision loss. Combining lutein and zeaxanthin with omega-3 also reduces risk for advanced AMD. Therefore, Bio-Vizmax is made with lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3 coming from fish oil. These ingredients act as anti-inflammation and antioxidants which is vital for preventing most eye problems. Bio-Vizmax effect for the eyes is further enhanced by other antioxidants like beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E in the supplements. Zinc, copper and selenium, being the essential minerals, helps to improve the metabolism process of the cells involved with the eyesight and for antioxidants to work properly.

    Now you can see what Bio-Vizmax can do for your eyes, you must have been wondering if it is alright to take it everyday. Of course, it is alright to take one capsule once a day. Remember to take this supplement as instructed on the product label. To be able to notice any immediate difference to the eye may seem impossible. Hence, consistent intake of this supplement on a daily basis is needed for a promising outcome. It may take months for the supplement to properly have an effect on the eyes. Since most eye problems arise from the harmless dry and tired eyes that occur for a long time, taking Bio-Vizmax helps to enhance eye health and maximise visual acuity. However, if you are experiencing eye symptoms of double vision, painful eye and visual disturbance like distorted vision or blind spots, do seek medical care urgently and not to depend on supplements alone to treat these conditions.

    In essence, Bio-Vizmax is a great support for eye health. Making this supplement as a daily habit does not only prevent one from acquiring eye problems, it also prevents one from experiencing ageing eye disorders at younger age. Supplement alone might not be enough for eye health. Taking extra care of the eyes by limiting exposure to the sun, reducing screen time and avoiding smoking can go a long way.

    It is a fact that “we are what we eat”. Even though this supplement is curated for eye health, there is a possibility that the other body part or system can greatly benefit from the nutrients contained. This includes vitamin C that helps to boost the body’s immune system, vitamin E helps to maintain a healthy skin and other potent antioxidants potentially provide protection against dangerous heart diseases, cancer and other diseases caused by the free radicals.


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