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Common Blood Sugar Testing Mistakes: Omnipod Pods for Omnipod System

The goal for everyone with diabetes is to aggressively regulate blood sugar levels to prevent diabetes-related consequences like heart disease, nerve damage, vision issues, kidney disease, and the hazardous onset of hypoglycemia.

Testing your blood sugar frequently is the only method to regulate it; to achieve this, most diabetics rely on Omnipod Pods for Omnipod System in USA and test strips. The good news is that this method of detecting blood glucose levels is incredibly quick and precise. However, several testing errors are frequently made that can result in unreliable readings and patient confusion and pain. The last thing you want to do is endanger the validity of your blood sugar test results to compromise your diabetes treatment strategy. Fortunately, it is rather simple to remedy blood sugar testing errors.

The top errors to avoid when measuring your blood sugar are listed below. Avoiding these errors can increase the accuracy of your blood sugar tests and give you much more confidence each time you prick your finger.

Picking The Incorrect Glucose Meter

Most glucose meters available today from reputable manufacturers, including OneTouch, FreeStyle, and Accu-Chek, Omnipod Pods for Omnipod System in USA, are extremely precise methods of measuring blood sugar. They’re not all the same, though. You can transfer data from some to your smartphone. Some can keep 500 test results, while others can keep 1000. Some glucose meters are large enough to fit in your pocket, while others have large, easy-to-read digital screens. Establishing a regular testing schedule requires convenience; selecting a glucose meter complements your demands and way of life. Which one fits you best? That depends on a number of factors, including age, eyesight, mobility, and testing frequency. Rest confident that your diabetes doctor will be pleased to offer some helpful suggestions to assist you in selecting a glucose metre that is suitable for you.

Not Appropriately Setting Up Your Meter

Setting up a glucose meter or Omnipod Pods for Omnipod System in USA is surprisingly simple with today’s cutting-edge technology. Appropriately setting the time and day on your meter is one of the most crucial components of accurate testing. After all, you and your doctor for diabetes want to be aware of your blood sugar levels at certain times. It will be challenging to follow your test record and, consequently, considerably more challenging to confidently change your diabetes treatment plan if the date and time on your meter are inaccurate.

Not Properly Cleaning Your Hands Before Each Blood Sugar Test

No matter how clean your hands appear to be. Whether you cleaned them earlier in the day is irrelevant. You must eliminate any lingering sugars from the food you may have had since your previous handwashing or any other contaminants you may have picked up that might taint your test findings. Wash your hands carefully with soap and warm water before and after every blood sugar test to guarantee its accuracy. Avoid using alcohol swabs or antibacterial hand sanitizer for extended periods since they can be uncomfortable and dry. Furthermore, many specialists think cleaning with alcohol might result in readings of blood sugar that are lower than they should be. You can never go wrong washing with soap and warm water, albeit this is disputed.

Squeezing The Tip Of Your Finger To Draw Out More Blood

Never press your fingers to push more blood out, even if your finger prick isn’t producing enough blood droplets. You’ll eventually excrete some interstitial fluid along with the blood, which might skew the test findings and result in inaccurate blood sugar levels. Here’s a suggestion for preventing this issue, which is sometimes brought on by poor circulation or cold hands. Consider rubbing your hands to warm them up beforehand, or run them under warm water for an extra minute after washing them.

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