Decor Ideas with Led and Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes never fail to impress us whether it is about amazing and captivating appearance, the strength of the boxes, or the sustainability of the packaging. For their whole life, these boxes serve all the needs of effective packaging, and when their work is done, they can be used for other different purposes like storage, moving home stuff, or most important what most people do not take seriously is DIY. These boxes are really strong and sturdy, which makes them perfect for purposes like decorations such as lamps, picture frames, wall hangings, and whatnot. Are you the person who does not have the heart to throw your cardboard packaging once you are done with it, in the hope that it can be used for anything else? 

Congratulations then, you are your mom.

Just kidding! It is time to get all of your treasure out because we are here with amazing decoration ideas that can make your events more special and festive. Custom packaging boxes are made in different shapes and sizes, which make it easy to get your hands on any size according to your requirement. Custom boxes are more than plain boxes as they are most of the time printed in unique designs which makes them attractive and more presentable. Still, thinking about how to decorate your backyard for that long-awaited housewarming party or graduation treat? 

Let’s get going!

You can always mix and match different things to get that extravagant décor you have been thinking about for a long time. Led lights have been in trend and give a cool or funky, sophisticated or relaxed, and cozy feel to your interior or exterior. Here is a list of ideas that can give you some motivation or inspiration for cardboard decoration combined with led lights. 

1. Led Cardboard Boxes String Lights 

Custom packaging boxes come in all sizes, and product boxes are best to make led cardboard string lights by cutting cute shapes from the corrugated boxes and attach to the led lights. These can be hung up to the roof to make a curtain wall or a backdrop perfect for birthday parties and bridal showers. These lights can also make perfect decor if hung up on the head of your bed. 

2. Led Cardboard Message Board 

A cool and funky decor idea that gives a unique twist to your room or the lounge is to use custom printed boxes cut out in different text or shapes. Line these boxes with colored or tinted plastic sheets and place a led light inside.

3. Cardboard Roof Hangings

These boxes are strong but very light in weight which makes them perfect for any kind of DIY project. Roof hanging gives a groovy feel to the whole atmosphere. You can give these boxes shapes like round, square, hexagonal, or abstract and secure light in the center. These boxes can be suspended from the rooftop or on the doors. These hangings can be given a personalized look by different wrapping paper and paints. For instance, for the Christmas celebration, you can give them a red and white appearance whereas for Halloween you can make them orange and black. 

4. Cardboard Light Boxes

Cardboard boxes finely polished or painted in pleasing colors can make really beautiful lamps. You can get different cut-outs in them and stack them one over the other to make a standing lamp that can perfectly be lit the whole room.

5. Light up Letters 

The most exciting and fun decor for kids, youngsters, and people of every age are these light letter-ups. You can make every letter using templates available online. Make whole in these letters, stickled lights, and secure with tape. You can cover these boxes with butter paper or tinted plastic sheets to add some oomph.

Cardboard is highly eco-friendly and bio-degradable which makes them popular among companies and customers. These boxes give people the advantage of being creative and imaginative with their DIY projects as they can easily be given any shape and are very light in weight which makes it easy to handle them and make any kind of item like lamps, dollhouses, shelves, miniatures, and anything you like to make. Their strength allows you to do huge projects like stage decor, functional castles, board games, etc. It is all about being creative and imaginative.

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