Discovering Your Most Fun Time by using Facebook Insights

One way to find the best time to publish to Facebook to your followers is to utilize your Facebook Insights. You’ll need to create an account on Facebook to gain the ability to access these. You can access your information by clicking the appropriate link at the beginning of your Facebook page.

You’d like to know the time when your Facebook friends are online. This can be done by clicking Posts in the left menu. This will give you an overview of the times your users are online day and night.

Check for any fluctuations in your data, which indicate the times when your audience on Facebook is the most active.

Facebook Insights also shows you your most popular posts (further down the same page that shows your audience information). Note the posts that have the highest engagement. You’ll be able to know when they were last posted. You might want to consider posting more frequently at the same time click here.

Suggested Best Times by Sector

Numerous studies have classified their posting times on Facebook by industry. They’ve found that the ideal times for posting differ depending on your company’s sector. Co-Schedule and Sprout Social have released studies that explain the different kinds of companies affected by other peak social times.

These studies tend to concentrate more on particular times of the day instead of the days of the week.

B2C Brands

CoSchedule found that the most effective time for posting to Facebook for B2C companies is between 9–10 am, between 11 am and 12 noon, and between 4–5 pm. These times are typically associated with breaks for workers (or approaching the day’s closing time).

Sprout Social found that the most effective time for B2C companies to publish on Facebook was Wednesday at 1 pm and Friday at 11 am. Other times that saw high engagement included Wednesday between 3 to p.m, Friday between 10–11 am, and Thursday from 5 pm. In general, companies that sell to customers have discovered that they get the highest engagement on weekdays, from 10 am until 5 pm.

B2B Brands

Based on Co Schedule data, B2B companies were not much different from their counterparts in the consumer market. The ideal time for B2B firms to make their posts is between 9 am and 3–4 pm.

Media Brands

Media brands were a bit different from the crowd, as per CoSchedule analysis. Their most popular posts were scheduled to be in conjunction with newscasts, which were 7 am, 11 am, 7 am, and 6 pm.

The data from Sprout Social isn’t any different from media firms. The most effective posting times for media firms on Facebook are Tuesdays at 5 pm, and Friday between 8–9 am. Other acceptable times are Wednesday between 8–9 am and 5 pm and Thursday at 5 pm.

Healthcare Brands

Healthcare brands’ followers are likely to get up earlier. The Co Schedule found that they read most of their posts early in the morning. Mainly, you will succeed if you schedule your healthcare posts at 6 am, 9 am, or 11am-noon.

Sprout Social echoed its support for early posting. The best time to post is on Wednesday between 9 and 10 am.

Education Brands

Students are known as night owls, but it’s not evident that they spend all their time using Facebook. Brands that target higher education tend to have the best reach before class or during breaks between classes (according to the Co-Schedule). The most popular times to promote higher learning are eight am, noon, and 3 pm.

Sprout Social looks at education in all its aspects. They have found the best Facebook posting times for Wednesdays to be 9 am and Saturday between 5 and 7 pm. The most reliable hours for engagement are on the weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm (when students are in school). But, Saturdays between noon and 9 pm can also yield satisfactory results. Technological advancement refers to. is a search engine or a metasearch engine to be exact. Since it has a different algorithm, your search term shows different results from Bing and Google.

Utilize a variety of media

Nobody enjoys working, being in relationships, or browsing your Facebook newsfeed. Consider different media types you could utilize to make your Facebook feed more varied. You can change your posts–images, videos, gifs, posts without or without links, or even publish Facebook stories. Find out what kind of content will be most beneficial to your fans.

Contests and giveaways held periodically are always great options to boost the number of followers on your site. Create eye-catching posts, and the contest rules are entirely yours to decide. We live in a time of memes. It is possible to create a clever play on a popular trend to draw an even larger audience.

You are retaining the conversation to engage your target audience. Participate in the comments section as well as in your timeline. Start polls, create discussions on opinions, and make everyone talk and interact with each other. Allow your followers to speak and talk about relevant topics with your company. This creates a Facebook community focused on your business and helps to advertise your brand directly and indirectly.

Go Live!

Live streaming on Facebook has existed for the past two years, and its popularity is increasing daily. Although the engagement and duration are more significant than other videos by default, you need to think about the process of preparing and executing these. They must be worth watching and worthy of watching.

If, for instance, you’ve added new products to your shop, it would be a great idea to make live videos that showcase those or offer a live glimpse. Launching new products will succeed on Facebook Live, especially with your most avid fans. You could create videos about general guidelines or the Q&A if you run a specific retailer. You can also create the webinar, make an event, or film your company’s occasion and stream it live via Facebook Live.

These videos will be displayed in the Live Map, which allows anyone on Facebook at the moment to see your post and then join. It is only necessary to ensure that your primary viewers are present by scheduling the life beforehand and sharing it on Facebook. The more viewers you can gather, the more you’ll appear on the map, and the higher the likelihood of growing your following and number of followers after this.


Many Facebook users are likely to admit they are fans of a conflict between rival businesses. However, collaboration can work just as well. And, you may lose the battle. This is why one of the best methods to gain new followers or followers is to engage in social media and be active not only with your followers but also with other brands.

Find businesses that are similar to and relevant to the company, and have the same size audience as yours, yet aren’t direct competitors. Start by commenting or liking sure of their posts to get their attention, and perhaps provide a platform to work together shortly. You can also post their content on social media or mention their products; they may be willing to reciprocate in the future. In any case, you will likely benefit and connect with new audiences similar to yours; however, they are not following your own. Yet.

Another option is to test partnership options via influencer marketing or niche pages with a significant following. For a shout-out, you should contact the people you feel are likable, allow them to try a product or service, and ask them to share their opinion publically, including on your Facebook page on the post. If they agree with you and have something positive to say about your product or your business, their followers will most likely support your business with likes and followers more info.

We suggest searching for followers within relevant Facebook groups too. Participate in their discussions, and the page you’re engaging with could be noticed. Make sure that you don’t directly advertise your brand but with a sense of knowledge and support in discussions on topics that are relevant to your brand.

Convert customers to followers

If they’re not a part of your community, you can contact your customers directly after purchasing on your site. These people have already expressed interest in the products you offer. Therefore they are the ideal audience to like your page’s Facebook profile. It is possible to do this via a Facebook Likes Popup, which does exactly what it says: it pops up and asks customers to follow your page to keep engaging with you shortly.

It’s a good idea to design a professional-looking pop-up that isn’t annoying your clients and is displayed just at the right moment to make them react positively. Give them coupons or a special incentive to like your page. This way, you will not only get an extra fan, but you also ensure that you will get another purchase from the person if they return to take advantage of the coupon.

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