Farmgirllacy: A Story of Sustainable Farming and Community Building

Farming has always been an essential part of human life, providing food and sustenance for centuries. However, with the rise of industrial Farmgirllacyagriculture and mass production, the true essence of farming has been lost. In recent years, there has been a growing movement towards sustainable and community-based farming practices. One person who embodies this movement is Farmgirllacy.

Who is Farmgirllacy?

Farmgirllacy, also known as Lacy Williams, is a farmer, blogger, and social media influencer who has become well-known for her sustainable farming practices and community building efforts. Lacy grew up in rural North Carolina and learned the value of hard work and self-sufficiency from a young age. After earning a degree in Animal Science from North Carolina State University, Lacy began working on a conventional hog farm. However, she soon realized that she wanted to pursue a more sustainable and community-based approach to farming.

The Farmgirllacy Blog

In 2012, Lacy started her blog, Farmgirllacy, as a way to share her journey towards sustainable farming practices and to connect with other like-minded individuals. The blog quickly gained a following and has become a valuable resource for those interested in sustainable agriculture. Lacy shares everything from tips on raising livestock and growing vegetables to recipes using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Sustainable Farming Practices

One of the main focuses of Farmgirllacy’s work is sustainable farming practices. Lacy believes in using farming methods that are good for the environment and the animals. She raises heritage breed pigs, which are known for their hardiness and ability to forage Farmgirllacy’s lifestylefor food. This means that they require less feed and are less likely to get sick, reducing the need for antibiotics. Lacy also practices rotational grazing, which involves moving the animals from one pasture to another to allow the land to rest and regenerate. This not only benefits the land but also provides the animals with fresh forage, resulting in healthier and happier animals.

Community Building

Another important aspect of Farmgirllacy’s work is community building. Lacy believes that farming is not just about producing food but also about building relationships and creating a sense of community. She regularly hosts events on her farm, including farm-to-table dinners, workshops, and tours. These events provide an opportunity for people to learn about sustainable farming practices and to connect with others who share their values. In addition to hosting events, Lacy also collaborates with other farmers and local businesses to support the local economy. She sells her pork at local farmers’ markets and works with restaurants to feature locally sourced ingredients on their menus.

The Impact of Farmgirllacy

Farmgirllacy’s work has had a significant impact on the sustainable farming community. She has inspired many people to start their own sustainable farms and to support local farmers. Her blog and social media accounts have also provided a platform for other farmers to share their stories and connect with like-minded individuals. Lacy has received numerous environmental degradationawards and accolades for her work, including being named a “Food Hero” by the James Beard Foundation and being featured in the book, “Good Meat: The Complete Guide to Sourcing and Cooking Sustainable Meat.”

The Future of Farmgirllacy

Looking to the future, Farmgirllacy has big plans. Lacy hopes to expand her farm and to continue to build community around sustainable agriculture. She also plans to start an apprenticeship program to teach others about sustainable farming practices and to inspire the next generation of farmers.


In a world where mass production and industrial agriculture dominate, Farmgirllacy stands out as a beacon of hope. Lacy Williams’ commitment to sustainable farming practices and community building.

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