2023 Ford Ranger Raptor Review

In the first moment, you’ll notice two things. “Next-Generation” is the newest slogan and Ford has been listening to all the noise. There was a lot of discussion about the first generation of Raptors’ 2.0-litre Bi-Turbo diesel engine that was extensively criticized by the media and die-hard fans for not enough to merit being branded with the Raptor badge.

That’s not all. There’s the reality that the new Raptor will be available to market North American market and the Yankees don’t like diesels.

Raptor’s latest 3.0-litre petrol V6 engine, with 292kW/583Nm Twin Turbo EcoBoost engine, is a Ford part from the North American parts bin, and comes with a compacted graphite-iron block for cylinders, which is about 75 percent stronger and 75 percent more rigid than the iron that is used in conventional castings.

In terms of driveability There’s a clever anti-lag systemthat’s accessible in Baja2 mode, which keeps the turbochargers running for up to 3 second after the driver has taken off the throttle. This implies that it’s already carrying a energy when they come back on it.

“The 3.0-litre adds a new energy for the Ranger Raptor that will satisfy even the most demanding enthusiast for performance,” said Dave Burn, Ford Performance Chief Program Engineer for Ranger Raptor.

“It’s considerably quicker, has a stunning design and is loaded with brand new features and is the best Built Ford Tough Ranger we’ve ever built.”

The Raptor’s brand-new EcoBoost engine is powered by a 10 speed automatic transmission, a drive mechanism that is the first time in any Ranger is a real fully-time 4×4 system with an electronically controlled two-speed transfer case, and locking diffs on both ends.

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What’s Beneath

You might think that the next-gen Raptor is about the front but when you’re exhausted of paying for fuel and it’s likely take place, it’s the thing that underneath that keeps your Raptor passion alive. The original Ranger Raptor was an amazing driving experience due because of its FOX suspension, and the new model sounds like an enormous leap ahead.

It’s going to be a blast.

“The new suspension enhancements included in the Ranger Raptor make the most of the latest FOX Live Valve dampers. The suspension changes in real-time to allow incredible body control on the road while also absorbing corrugations as well as larger bumps off-road, giving you the best performance and control.” Burn said. Burn.

Of of course, there’s also the usual reinforcement of the chassis, as well as unique frame designs for the Jounce bumpers suspension towers and rear shock brackets. This is because the owners and their friends will be looking at the advertising images and go to the closest dunes to take in some air But there’s something about the suspension that’s hot.

New, light aluminium upper control arm and lower one with long-travel rear and front suspension , and a refined Watt’s link and coil-spring rear suspensions that are equipped are specifically designed to give more control in rough terrain.

The dune jumps that are causing a stir are the latest generation of FOX 2.5-inch Live Valve Internal Bypass shock absorbers featuring modern control technology, which provides damping capabilities that are position-sensitive. They are among the most advanced ever seen on Ranger Raptor and are filled with Teflon-infused oil , which reduces friction by about 50 percent when compared with the ones previously used on Raptor.

Connected to Ranger Raptor’s updated selection of drive modes (more about them in the next the next minute) The Live Valve Internal Bypass system was designed to offer greater comfort on-road and off-road performance at any speed.

Alongside working in conjunction with different drive settings, this system operates behind the scenes to set up for the Ranger Raptor for different conditions. When the shocks are compressed in different areas of the bypass system provide precisely how much support required for the particular travel and then work in reverse when the shocks return to their full height.

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To guard against the possibility of severe low-level outs FOX’s race proven Bottom-Out Control is the most effective way to dampen force for the final 25 percent of the shock’s travel. The system will increase the stiffness of the rear dampers to stop Raptor from collapsing under heavy acceleration.

Mods for All Terrains

The brand new Raptor comes with seven drive modes that will enhance its performance off and on-road. There are three modes on the road that are Normal, Sport, and Slippery, as well as four off-road mode options: Rock Crawl Sand, Mud/Ruts and the high-performance Baja2 mode.

Each mode can be adjusted to adjust a variety of parameters, ranging from the transmission and engine to ABS calibration and sensitivity as well as stability and traction controls as well as the actuation of the exhaust valve, throttle and steering response according to the terrain and conditions to be to be tackled.

The off-road cruise system, called Trail Control which functions as an old-fashioned hand-throttle , with speeds of up to 32km/h that are that can be set through the drivers.

“While Ranger Raptor was inspired by desert racing, it’s an exceptionally capable vehicle for overlanding. From the beginning, we’ve built an off-road car that doesn’t require you to make any modifications to get where you’re going and back in a safe manner,” said Burn.

This is the truth it was among my most lasting impressions after my analysis of first generation Raptor. It was really a 4×4 you didn’t have to change and the latest model will appear to be identical in this respect but a longer-range fuel tank might be the only’must-have’ modification. Ford hasn’t yet released any data on fuel efficiency yet, however, you cannot be fast, big and fuel-efficient, yet cost-effective to operate. It doesn’t work that way.

Big Truck Design

The brand new Ranger continues the infant F-Truck style that has the boys soaring in Oz according to what it appears, and for Raptor it has been boosted enough to transform the fizz into an igniting spark.

Wheel arches that are flared, Ford truck DNA C-clamp headlamps and F-O.R.D lettering at the front grilles are set to be filled to capacity Ford showrooms with giddy cash-strapped tradesmen.

The wheels are alloys of 17 inches and come with BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2s.

Inside, you’ll find jet fighter-inspired front seats “Code Orange” accents, an ergonomic steering wheel made of leather, with magnesium paddle-shifters.

It also comes with a high-resolution 12.4-inch digital cluster in the higher-spec Ranger models, as well as the 12-inch center touchscreen that incorporates Ford’s SYNC 4A5 connectivity and entertainment system that provides Apple as well as Android6 smartphones with wireless connectivity.

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Price and Availability

Ford Australia hasn’t released pricing for the brand new Raptor as of yet There’s a high chance you’ll be looking at an SUV that’s worth more than $100,000 here.

We’re also looking forward to critical specs data like the fuel consumption, size of the fuel tank payload, towing capacity . All of this will determine how effective the next-generation Raptor will be to those wanting to go further than be fast.

The brand new Ranger is expected to be launched in the middle of 2022. Our best prediction would be that the Raptor is expected to follow soon after.

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