Gallery Dept Hats- How to Spot Real from Fake!

Gallery Dept has established itself as one of the most sought-after streetwear brands. One of their most popular accessories- Gallery Dept hats- have seen their popularity soar in recent years. They are often replicated, and it can be a challenge to determine the legitimacy of hats in the secondary market. In this article, we will help you spot the difference between real vs. fake Gallery Dept hats and ensure you’re investing in a high-quality and authentic accessory.

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1. Identify the Quality: Gallery Dept branded apparel is renowned for its superb quality. The materials used in the manufacturing of Gallery Dept apparel and hats are of the highest grade. If you’re looking to purchase a genuine Gallery Dept hat, analyze the quality and inspect any noticeable defects. Authentic Gallery Dept hats are carefully manufactured and show no signs of poor quality control.

2. Check the Stitching: One of the easiest ways to determine authenticity is by examining the stitching. The embroidery on a Gallery Dept hat should be nearly perfect, with no uneven stitching or loose threads. Be wary of a hat with incomplete logos or misaligned letters. These are usually subtle signs of inauthenticity that are an immediate red flag.

3. Pay Attention to the Details: Gallery Dept is renowned for its attention to detail. Examine the hat closely for any outstanding features that sets the genuine article apart from a replica. For instance, authentic Gallery Dept hats typically incorporate unique design elements that are difficult to clone. If the hat you’re examining lacks these distinct features, it is probably a knock-off.

4. Look at the Packaging: The packaging that comes with the hat is also a great indicator of authenticity. Real Gallery Dept hats come in elegant packaging with the official logo stamped on. Check for any misspellings or typos on the packaging, which is a common mistake among counterfeiters. If the packaging looks cheap and inconsistent, then it’s most likely a replica.

5. Purchase from Authorized Retailers: Finally, to guarantee that you’re getting the real deal, purchase your Gallery Dept hat from an authorized retailer. This steers you clear of questionable online marketplaces or counterfeiters, providing you with a guarantee on the authenticity of the product.


Gallery Dept hats have become a coveted accessory amongst streetwear enthusiasts. However, if you’re shopping in the secondary market, be cautious of replicas that flood the online market. If the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Follow the tips we have highlighted in this article to ensure you’re investing in a high-quality and authentic Gallery Dept hat. Ultimately, with the right attention to detail, you can never go wrong in identifying real from fake Gallery Dept hats.

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