G.I. Detox bio botanical

GI-detox bio botanical: Ingredients, Usage, and benefits

Trash and toxins need to be eliminated in order to maintain a healthy bacteria community in the GI tract. Heavy metals, metabolites of yeast and bacteria, endotoxins from Gram-negative bacteria like LPS, and inflammation can all be exacerbated by an increased toxic burden. Pyrophyllite healing clay and activated charcoal are included in G.I. Detox for a straightforward, tolerable cleansing regimen. G.I. Detox bio botanical is one of the most excellent products of its kind because of its distinct adsorbing and absorbing structure and negative electrical charge. 

G.I. Detox facilitates binding undesirable microbial byproducts, metals, and toxins like LPS. To prevent Herxheimer reactions, using it in conjunction with Biocidin is advised. The Mop Up phase of biofilm removal is aided by G.I. Detox, which may act as nutritional support for eliminating mycotoxin and mold. It is ideal for maintaining the medicine cabinet in case the food or water quality is harmed.

What is Bio-Botanical GI-Detox?

A product called Bio-Botanical G.I. Detox is designed to clean the G.I. tract of waste and pollutants. Activated charcoal and pyrophyllite clay are among their constituents. The potential of activated charcoal to draw and hold millions of times its weight in gases, poisons, food additives, and other compounds is widely recognized. Combining these two detoxification agents is an easy and efficient way to get rid of toxins and debris that have been trapped.

Ingredients of GI-Detox Bio-Botanical:

  • Clay Zeolite

Chelating and binding agent to aid in the elimination of heavy metals and poisons. Our zeolite is sourced from the U.S. and has undergone purity testing.

  • Charcoal Activated: 

It is made from bamboo and aids in absorbing and binding a range of organic and inorganic substances.

  • Extract from Aloe Vera:

This anti-inflammatory inner leaf substance aids bowel movement, calms, and encourages the mucosal lining of the G.I. tract to repair.

  • MMST Silica:

Another well-known chelating agent that aids in binding metals and poisons is bonded to acacia gum to produce orthosilicic acid quickly and with greater bioavailability.

  • Fruit pectin:

Another outstanding chelating agent has a wide affinity range for different biotoxins.

  • Acids humic and fulvic:

These organic, soil-based substances are renowned for binding metals and pesticide biotoxins and offer many advantages.

Usage of GI-Detox Bio-Botanical:

  • Adult General Cleansing:

You need to take 1–2 capsules three times each day, between meals, for three days, or twice monthly. When taking G.I. Detox, you need to eat a diet rich in leafy greens and low in refined carbs. A minimum of 64 ounces of moisture should be depleted each day. In such a situation, How you can fix your brain helps you know how many vitamins or prescriptions you need to take per hour. G.I. Detox should be continued while taking Biocidin or Olivirex at a lower Serving Size and progressively increased to the recommended levels once more because the effects will be more substantial once the colon has been cleaned.

  • Kids less than 50 pounds:

You must take 1/2 a capsule twice daily, at least one hour apart from Biocidin, Olivirex, or other drugs. Juice or other liquids may be added to the mixture. If negative responses happen, stop using the product. Use is not advised when pregnant. Other drugs and vitamins should be taken one hour apart. When beginning any new supplement, consult a healthcare practitioner.

Features of GI-Detox Bio-Botanical:

  • Superior components for professionals
  • Includes widely used and advised binders
  • A multi-ingredient mixture provides broad-acting binding activity.
  • It contains ingredients known to aid in the detoxification of naturally occurring and endogenous metabolites
  • Recommended complement to Biocidin and ProfloraTM4R treatment regimens

Benefits of GI-Detox:

  • Aids in the removal of microbiological and biofilm elements
  • It helps the body to detox properly and cleans itself completely
  • Aids in the removal of mold metabolites
  • Aids in histamine neutralization
  • Enables a more relaxing cleansing experience
  • It may lessen gas and bloat
  • It helps with brain clarity

Final thoughts:

An improved binding formula supports improved metal removal, xenobiotics, and endotoxins. Debris and poisons must be removed when re-establishing the G.I. tract’s microbial equilibrium. This clay has a geometric structure most effective for nutrient absorption, replicating a red blood cell with a donut-shaped arrangement of tetrahedral molecules. It can all raise the toxic burden and encourage inflammation.

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