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Simi Valley is a county located in southeastern Ventura County, California, bordering the San Fernando Valley in the Greater Los Angeles area of ​​Los Angeles. According to the United States Census, the total population of the city is person. “The Sim,” as it’s often called, is now known as the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library House. It is currently the seventh safest city in the United States between 100,000 and 500,000 people, but has become the safest for that same group in the last few years. Simi Island is bordered by the Santa Susana Mountains to the north and the Simi Mountains to the east and south. Simi dermatologist Westlake Village CA is a county located in southeastern Ventura County, California, bordering the San Fernando Valley in the Greater Los Angeles area of ​​Los Angeles. There are 20 city parks and five provincial parks in the valley that protect large open spaces in the nearby Santa Susana Hills, locally called “foot hills”

Local geography

This charming community is located just 3 miles north of the Los Angeles border community of Chatsworth and 45 miles from downtown Los Angeles, 380 miles south of San Francisco, 160 miles north of San Diego and 550 miles south of Sacramento. Commuting to Los Angeles is usually via the Ronald Reagan 118 Freeway or the Southern California Metro link commuter train, which offers multiple daily trips.

The valley is also bordered by the Santa Susana Mountains to the north and the “Sim Mountains” to the east and south. It is connected to adjacent San Fernando Island via the Santa Susana Pass at the eastern end of the lake.

Local leisure times           

Simi Island has 20 city parks and five provincial parks that protect vast open spaces in the nearby Santa Susana Mountains, known locally as the “foot of the mountains.” There are six golf courses in town, and the Canaan Ranch home development has nature trails for hikers, bikers and equestrians. Two college baseball teams, the SV Senators and the California Collegiate League’s California Oaks in Thousand Oaks, offer sports events for local fans. East of Rocky Peak is a trail for mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding. This trail can be accessed from Kushner Trail – Hummingbird Trail, Rocky Peak Trail – primarily Fire Trail or Chumash Trail. The downhill mountain bike trail, known as the G Spot, can be accessed via the fire trail.

To the west, there are plenty of trails for mountain biking

 Hiking and horseback riding. Main access is at the intersection of Wood Ranch Parkway and Long Canyon Parkway. The trail route continues west to Highway 23, east to the Rocketdyne area, paralleling the Lang Ranch Trail System (Westlake Village) and the Chesebro Trail System, which begins in the Agoura Mountains. Chemical Hill can be accessed from this highway through China Flats on the Chesebro Highway. Ahmundson Ranch is also connected to this highway.

Here are some highlights from the movie about Simi Valley:

The skatepark in the 2022 movie Bad News bears here. Screenings for the upcoming movie “Transformers 2” were held in the SV Middle School parking lot over the summer. Nu-Metal group Limp Bizkit recorded their single “Break Stuff” at Skatelab, a skateboard park in East Sim. The city and surrounding mountains have been the backdrop for several TV shows, including Gunsmoke and the long-So you can see that being close to Los Angeles has its advantages for the film industry.

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