How Many Countries Are There In North America?

When you watched North America, you probably think about Canada, America, and Mexico. But while you add up all of the international locations inside the Caribbean, there are more nations within the North American continent than you may think! Keep reading to find out how many countries are in North America, in addition to how many territories there are.

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Which Countries Are In North America?

So, how many nations are there in North America? You may additionally have heard that there are everywhere among 3 and 23 nations in North America. So what a number of North American international locations are there sincerely? When you upload up all of those (plus Central American international locations) you get 23. However, maximum lists divide them into North American international locations and Caribbean international locations, bringing the total to sixteen North American nations and seven Central American countries.

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North American International Locations

There are 3 international locations on the North American continent: Canada, Mexico, and the USA. They are the biggest countries in North America in phrases of both lengths (over 20 million general rectangular kilometers, 8 million square) and population (over eighty-four% of the full North and Central American population).


At approximately 10 million rectangular kilometers, or over three. In eight million square miles, Canada is the biggest united states in North America and the second largest us of in the global (Russia is the first). However, with a population of approximately 38 million people, it’s miles handiest the 37th most populous global USA, as a lot of its northern geography (eighty%) is uninhabited. The respectable languages ​​of Canada are English and French, with Quebec being the main French-speak Canadian province.


Is Mexico Part of North America? That’s for certain. Twenty-two percent (a hundred thirty million human beings) of North and Central American citizens live within the country of Mexico, making it the maximum populous Spanish-speaking united states in the world. Mexico is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on its west coast and the Gulf of Mexico on its east coast. Its region is just beneath 2 million square kilometers or 761, six hundred square miles.

United States Of America (USA)

Between Canada and Mexico lies the USA, where 1/2 of the entire North and Central American population lives. The United States is home to over 330 million people and covers a place of ​​9 million rectangular kilometers or about 3. Eight million rectangular miles. Although there is no legit language in the United States, 78% of its populace speaks English, at the same time as a tremendous minority (over 13%) talk Spanish.

Caribbean Countries In North America

Can you accept as true with there are over 7,000 islands within the Caribbean? The Caribbean Sea countries (or “West Indies”, because it became coined through European colonizers) are an awful lot smaller than continental North American nations, both in phrases of area and population. The history of both European exploration and indigenous peoples has given an upward push to distinct cultures and languages ​​inside the sovereign island nations of the Caribbean.

Antigua And Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a rustic including two most important islands and numerous smaller islands and has a complete place of ​​442 rectangular kilometers (one hundred seventy square). Twenty-seven percent of us of a’s populace (less than 100,000 people) stay on the island of Antigua, and the general public of the populace speaks Antiguan and Barbudan creole. Antigua and Barbuda are a part of the British Commonwealth, a voluntary union of states which might be now sovereign but used to be in general British colonies.


The Bahamas, officially called the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, consists of extra than 700 islands and islets. About four hundred,000 people stay within the Bahamas, lots of whom are descendants of freed slaves after Britain abolished slavery in the early 19th century. The Bahamas has a total region of ​​13,943 square kilometers (five,358 square) and its reputable language is English, as it is also a member of the British Commonwealth.


The easternmost island within the Caribbean is Barbados, which covers 432 rectangular kilometers or 167 rectangular miles. Like Antigua and Barbuda and the Bahamas, Barbados is likewise part of the British Commonwealth. More than 250,000 humans live in Barbados, most of whom communicate in English or Bajan Creole.


The Republic of Cuba is the biggest u. S . A . In the Caribbean by way of the location at 109,886 square kilometers (42,426 sq.Mi). More than eleven million humans live in Cuba, wherein the reputable language is Spanish. Cuba was a Spanish colony until the Spanish–American War, wherein America occupied Cuba as a protectorate till the Communist Revolution of 1959.

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