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How To Claim Insurance For Vehicle Repairs In Dubai?

Navigating the intricacies of car insurance claims is essential in the UAE. When unexpected accidents or incidents occur, understanding the process of filing a car insurance claim becomes essential for car owners. In this article, we have highlighted the significance of comprehending the UAE’s car insurance claim procedures. It will further ensure that insured individuals are equipped with the knowledge to seamlessly navigate through the insurance claims process.

How to Claim Car Insurance in Dubai?

Being aware of the car insurance claim process is vital to ensure swift and fair compensation in case of accidents or damages. Understanding the process helps streamline the claim and ensures you receive the rightful reimbursement for repairs and medical expenses. Promptly filing a claim also prevents potential financial burdens and legal issues. Note that even a slight error while filing the insurance claim can lead to the refusal of the claim. For your reference, we have mentioned a set of instructions, which explains how to file your claim for car insurance in Dubai:

Report the Incident

  • The primary step is to inform your nearest police station regarding the incident. It is crucial to provide every minor detail of the occurrence.
  • Subsequently, notify your insurance provider and download the claim form from their respective official website.

Assessment of Claim

  • Fill out the insurance claim form with accurate information and upload all the mandatory documents. Ensure to check for the size, dimensions, and other guidelines for attaching the documents.
  • Submit the form and wait until you get a response from the provider.


Claim Approval

  • If your claim request gets approved after a thorough evaluation, take your car to one of the insurer’s approved repair stations.
  • Workshop officials will assess the car damages and apprise the repair expense to your provider.
  • After getting final approval from the insurer, the reparation of your car will begin.

Which Documents are Required to File a Claim for Car Insurance in Dubai?

A checklist of documents is given that you need compulsorily to claim your car insurance in Dubai:

  • Duly filled claim form
  • General information regarding the incident
  • Driving licence
  • Police report/ Saeed report
  • Car Insurance policy number
  • Car registration card

Note: These are the general documents required for filing a car insurance claim. Your insurer may or may not require additional document/ documents to initiate the claim process.

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