How to Optimize your PC for Gaming

Your PC could not be properly optimized for gaming for a variety of reasons, including outdated drivers or virus problems. It’s crucial to understand the reasons why your FPS is lower than it should be because a low FPS does not make for a fun gaming experience.

Whatever the issue, there are fortunately several ways to set up your computer for gaming. Continue reading to learn how to keep games on your gaming pc operating seamlessly and quickly.

What is Low FPS and Why Does It Happen?

Games are presented on your screen as a quick succession of visuals, much like films. Your video card produces these frames using information it receives from the gaming application running on your computer. The frame rate or frames per second refers to the number of frames shown on your monitor per second.

While films typically stream at a frame rate of roughly 24, games streamed at this rate will appear choppy and feel unresponsive. The main cause of this is a phenomenon called “motion blur.” A film camera will take 24 images in a second when recording at 24 frames per second, but because each image is taken with the lens wide open, any moving objects will appear slightly blurry. The items now seem to transition into the following frame cleanly.

Contrarily, a video game will show game items in their exact location, without motion blur. This gives the impression that they are moving between frames.

Update Your Graphics Drivers

In most cases, unless you’re having problems with boosting FPS, you don’t need to go out of your route to upgrade drivers for your device. However, your graphics card is an exception. Manufacturers like AMD and Nvidia frequently release driver updates with game enhancements. Therefore, installing the manufacturer’s drivers and keeping them up to date can significantly improve performance, especially with new games.

Even while the AMD or Nvidia driver icon may already be visible in your taskbar, it doesn’t necessarily indicate you have the most recent version. Enter the model of your graphics card in the search box on the download pages of the Nvidia, AMD, or Intel websites, then click the “Download” button to get the most recent driver package. Here is how to determine what type of graphics card you have if you are unsure.

Disable Notifications

Even while setting up your PC for gaming is excellent, what else is great? not having your game interrupted. Windows provides a feature that allows you to turn off notifications at particular periods or when specified events are occurring. Thus, annoying pop-ups won’t spoil your entertainment anymore.

As an alternative, you can decide which times of day the do not disturb mode should activate. This is effective, for instance, if you often game in the evening. Simply set the time and indulge in delightful gaming without notifications.

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