How to Pay Vendors by Credit Card If They Don’t Accept Credit Card Payments

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to pay your vendors by credit card, but they simply don’t accept card payments? It can be frustrating, especially when you don’t have another readily available source for payment. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution that can help you navigate this challenge seamlessly – ZilMoney.

1. Pay By Credit Card – Regardless of Acceptance

ZilMoney offers a flexible option to pay by credit card to the vendors that even don’t typically accept this type of payment. You can now use ZilMoney’s payroll by credit card easily for anything from rent to taxes to payroll. The greatest advantage of ZilMoney is that your suppliers, contractors or vendors can get paid in a variety of ways, such as cheques, ACH transfers, or wire transfers. 

You have the freedom to select the payment method that best meets your requirements. Additionally, you can accrue reward points for every purchase you make, making your payments even more rewarding.

2. Pay Vendors Using Credit Cards, Regardless of Whether They Accept Card Transactions

With ZilMoney, you can break free from the limitations imposed by vendors who don’t accept credit card payments. This innovative solution empowers you to pay your vendors using your credit card, irrespective of their payment preferences. 

No more worrying about whether your vendor accepts cards or not  ZilMoney has you covered.

3. Pay by Credit Card: Payees Receive as Checks, ACH & Wire

In the past, your vendor might have declined credit card payments due to associated transaction fees or requested extra costs to compensate for these charges. But with ZilMoney, those concerns are a thing of the past. When you use your credit card with ZilMoney, the payee doesn’t have to worry about transaction charges. 

You can also continue accumulating all your valuable credit card reward points. Ready to enjoy this advantage immediately? Start your subscription with today.

4. Pay by Credit Card with Zil Money vs. Pay by Credit Card without Zil Money

Using ZilMoney to pay by credit card comes with a host of benefits. It enhances your cash flow, enables you to make time-sensitive payments, and allows you to earn rewards on your credit card while capturing early pay discounts from vendors. 

On the other hand, paying by credit card without ZilMoney can lead to high transaction costs and time-consuming account creation processes. The choice is clear, ZilMoney streamlines the process and ensures you get the most out of your credit card payments.

5. Trusted By The Leading Brands Around The World

ZilMoney is a trusted solution backed by some of the world’s most renowned brands, including MCAD, Coast Colleges, American Red Cross, Be Healthy, Subway, and AOK. 

With an impressive user base of 1 million and still counting, ZilMoney has proven its reliability and effectiveness in facilitating credit card payments.


In conclusion, when you need to pay vendors by credit card and they don’t accept card payments, ZilMoney is your go-to solution. It empowers you to make payments conveniently, accumulate rewards and overcome the limitations imposed by vendors. Join the ranks of satisfied users and start simplifying your credit card payments with ZilMoney today.

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