How To Use Stripes To Make A Room Feel Bigger With Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be a great way to add personality and style to any room in your home. But sometimes, the pattern or colors that are available just don’t feel right. That’s where stripes come in! By using stripes as a self sticking wallpaper pattern, you can create a room that feels bigger and more spacious. Not only that, but stripes are also horizontal – so they’re ideal for use in a room with a high ceiling. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to make stripes look great on your walls in the easiest way possible. So give it a try and see how your room starts to feel more spacious and stylish!

How to make a room feel bigger with stripes wallpaper

Stripes wallpaper can add a touch of pizzazz to any room in your home. It’s easy to apply and can be used to make any room feel bigger. Simply measure the desired length and width of the stripes, and then cut using a scissors or knife. Make sure to clean up any excess adhesive with acetone or soap and water, and you’re ready to make your room feel bigger!

How to make a striped wall look bold and spacious

horizontal stripe wallpaper are a great way to add personality and pizzazz to any room in your home. They’re easy to install, look bold and spacious, and can be used in a variety of styles. If you’re looking for a less-is-more approach when it comes to design, stripes are a perfect option for you! As stripes wallpaper is easy to resize and change up, they’re the perfect wallpaper for small or cramped spaces. Plus, stripes wallpaper can add volume and height to a small or cramped space without having to repaint or replace walls. So what are you waiting for? Go striped!

What is the best way to make a room feel bigger?

One of the best ways to make a room feel bigger is by using stripes wallpaper. Stripe wallpaper gives your walls a sense of motion and dynamism, making the space seem more spacious. It’s also an easy way to add some brightness and color to a drab space, and it can be paired with any design style. You don’t need expensive wallpaper or special tools – just bring in some courage and go for it!

Which stripes wallpaper pattern is best for larger rooms?

If you have a large room, then stripes wallpaper is the perfect choice. Stripes wallpaper is simple to style and can be adapted to any room decor. For example, if you’re in the market for stripes wallpaper but don’t know which pattern to choose, go with a subtle stripe pattern in light colors or pastels. If your room is on the smaller side, avoid stripes wallpaper with bold designs – they will overpower the space and look clunky.

What are some tips for cleaning and caring for striped wallpaper?

To clean stripes wallpaper, start by wetting the area with a hose and then spraying down a mild soap. Next, use a dry cloth to remove any dirt or dust particles. Finally, apply a vinyl or oil based sealer to your wall to protect it from water spots and fading.


With striped wallpaper, you can accentuate the small details in a room to make it feel bigger. This easy trick will help to create an air of space and sophistication in any room. So if you’re looking to add some extra zing to your home, try out stripes wallpaper – it’s the perfect way to do it!

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