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Hybrid Event and Conference Management Platform

Utilizing technology is the key factor for the success of any event nowadays. Relying on the manual process has now slowed down & it shifted more towards modern innovations.

Event management software lets you save your time in planning processes, and provides you authentic insights & data thus ultimately working for the success of your event.

With the help of hybrid event platforms organizers can easily focus on increasing their audience reach & working on feedback rather than thinking of accommodations for the speakers, travel needs, etc.

In this blog, we are going to throw light on the hybrid events & their different types. We are going to list some of the popular hybrid events to host. Along with this, we’ll be explaining conference management & some popular platforms to host your events.

Hybrid events: Everything you need to know

Hybrid events are a mixture of living as well as virtual events. It is a way to organize the live events with the audience to attend your event, sharing content & information and adding the virtual component so that your audience can attend your event from anywhere.

After all, is the engagement with the audience which is the main element of these hybrid events. This separates hybrid events from other shows such as ted talks & youtube etc. which are motivating but not engaging.

With these hybrid event services, you can decide your targeted audience, your format, and the opportunity to treat your physical & virtual audience equally.

Some of the key benefits of organising these events have been described below –

  • It works in increasing reach to a wider range of audiences.
  • It thus attracts high-profile speakers which ultimately helps in growing your viewer potential & business.
  • Creates a very positive user experience
  • Providing valuable insights & data

Top 5 popular hybrid events

Hybrid Tradeshows

Hybrid tradeshows are a mix of both live & in-person events. Attendees most benefited from these events as they have the freedom to choose the format that best meets their needs.

Complex Hybrid Events

These events are the future of hybrid events. These events thus allow physical as well as virtual events to happen at the same time.

With everything being the same – host, sponsors & content,it offers that hybrid exhibition platform that showcases everything in one go.

Award Ceremonies

Virtual ceremonies are a good source of massive ROI for the sponsors. There is no requirement for any halls, physical marketing, etc. before hosting these events. Virtual guests can attend the ceremony from any remote location of their choice.

Sequential Hybrid Events

In these types of events, virtual events & in-person events happen to occur at different times. Though happening differently sponsors, exhibitors, content, etc. can be the same.

There is no such cross-networking among the audience involved while organizing these types of events. Mobile applications can be used to promote physical event networking. Its example includes – a hybrid conference platform, etc.

Hybrid Training Sessions

This session refers to a type of training where some of the participants are present in physically & rest of them attends it virtually. It thus creates new challenges for both the trainers as well as the attendees of the event.

What do you mean by conference Management?

It refers to the management of the conference which is being organised in-person events or virtually. It thus involves basic elements like – planning, organizing & control. These conferences can be of any size ranging from – small office meetings to internal summits.

The conference management is utilising all the aspects of a good session like – strategic planning of the event, outcoming any technical difficulties that arise etc.

Popular Hybrid Event & Conference Management Platforms

When in search of engaging & interactive virtual event management platforms you should compare it with the others in terms of features, credibility, user reviews etc. for making your event successful-


  • It is a good tool especially used by the training professionals for training clients individually or in a group.
  • It is considered to be one of the best hybrid show streaming software with exciting features & regular updates.
  • It has limited integration with other tools which are being used for business purposes which makes this tool a bit on the limited service providers.
  • Webinarninja is a powerful webinar platform that helps you create a webinar in a very less time.


  • Zoom meeting software comes up with HD video & audio as well as screen sharing function
  • It automatically backup the meeting data to its cloud server.
  • It also offers free registration to its users & no one-time costs.
  • Recently, there have been some issues with the working hardware of zoom which is a major factor in the reduction of the number of potential clients for the company.


  • With its real-time analytics report of your webinar for providing detailed insight information, it is very helpful software in the management of audience feedback & performance metrics measurement.
  • When in search of Hybrid event live streaming services, Dreamcast finds its way to catch the attention of the customers.


  • It is one of the popular webinar software, especially for larger companies. It’s scaling, personalizing engaging webinars & content services are remarkable
  • With some drawbacks like- in the case of multiscreen events, expensive costs, and complicated configuration processes this can be trustworthy when the budget is not the issue for the organizers.


  • Livestorm is a good webinar software which is being mainly used for product description purposes & sales. Their software works on almost every browser without any type of restrictions whatsoever.
  • With some features on its con side like – virtual background detection, improper logo & cover image detection etc. livestorm is the software one can rely on.
  • With features like on-demand webinars, hybrid summit platforms etc. livestorm is also versatile software to use.


It doesn’t matter at what stage your planning process is in, hosting these events is mostly a win-win situation. These events fulfil all the requirements of an online event.

The major highlight consisting of face-to-face interaction with the guest & real-time feedback from the audience make hosting these events challenging & exciting at the same time.

With options like hybrid fest platforms, tradeshows etc. it’s a unique experience for the audience as well as for the organizers.

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