Is promotional Product Still relevant in this age of Digital marketing?

 Big Yes to promotional products offered by companies as a giveaway. According to me and the latest survey in market promotional products are important in this age of digital marketing and they have there separate identity earlier also at the time of traditional marketing. They have there own place in the heart of people and you must know that most of the people tend to make interest in buying a product when they saw a particular promotional product or scheme in that brand. 

Many companies having there existence in online market tend to engage more traffic in there website through promotional products. They make a brand promotion in social site like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter only by providing a scheme to customers so that they get easily diverse towards there website. 

Form of promotional products

There are much kind of promotional products and scheme which you can offer to people as per your budget and brand.  Some I have mentioned below just for your reference.

  1. You can provide a customized bag or pen with every purchase of your brand. 
  2. Buy 1 get 1 free schemes are also liked by audiences 
  3. A T-shirt with a hand written note or name emboss on it will surely make people purchase your brand in order to get this offer. 
  4. You can also provide mug with photo frame as people mostly loved to have there separate mugs at home and they will like it even more when they are getting it free with there customized photo frame. 
  5. Free surprised gift with every purchase also tend to move more number of people towards your website and brand. 

Promotional giveaways are must in order to make your brand popularity in market and to also increase traffic in your website. 

Now a day’s people mostly like re-usable products, online shopping vouchers, organic brands and cash back promotional schemes or products as a promotional product in every purchase they made from your website. 

Benefits of promotional products 

  1. It will engage maximum traffic in your website. 
  2. Promotional products also increase brand sale as people will buy more products from your website when they will get attractive giveaways.
  3. Satisfied customers will recommend others about your website and brand which will create an urge in them to purchase your brand.
  4. It will increase ROI of company 
  5. More traffic and more sale of brand will automatically increase company’s visibility in market and also its rank. 
  6. If you have made promotion in online market then millions of people can show there interest in your brand after seeing your promotional product scheme. 

Digital marketing has made new and advance changes in our world. Only we have to make efforts to know them. 

Also keep in mind that trends keep changing due to increase in technology and modernization. Promotional products have importance today but we never know where it will stand in the coming year. 

So you have to use your intelligence and follow latest updates regarding marketing. 

About The Author

Written by the Founder of Delhi Courses Institute Mr. Gaurav Heera who’s an Edupreneur & passionate stock market analyst having more than a decade experience in the industries. His institute Delhi Courses provides multiple job oriented courses and is known as best digital marketing training institute in Delhi.

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