McNutt brothers continue World Cup tradition with victory over United States

Imagine growing up and knowing your goal in life is to play professional sports. That feeling of accomplishment when you get selected to a team, perform well, and help your team win matches? It’s something McNutt brothers Owen and Jack have been dreaming of experiencing since they were kids. While they may still be young, their love for the sport is anything but. The McNutt brothers are Owen, Jack, and Sam. They’re triplets who are all aspiring professional soccer players. As avid fans of the sport, they have won over their fans with their impressive dribbling skills on social media and praise from famous individuals like Neymar Jr.

They’ve achieved many milestones in their career as a soccer player—the latest one being winning the 2019 World Cup game against the United States of America in Russia. In this blog post, we will uncover the world’s most followed soccer triplets’ story and try to predict what goals they might achieve for the World Cup 2019.

How did the McNutt brothers become successful at playing soccer?

The McNutt brothers are two of the most celebrated players in the history of American soccer. Sam and Jordan were born in Manchester, England, but moved to the United States with their parents when they were young. The brothers played together in the youth system of Manchester United before moving to the United States to play professionally. They both went on to have illustrious careers on the world’s biggest stage, playing for some of the biggest clubs in the world.

Sam was drafted by Major League Soccer (MLS) side New York Red Bulls in 2008 and Jordan was drafted by MLS club FC Dallas in 2011. Both brothers received international call-ups and helped lead their respective national teams to World Cup glory in 2014. After their professional career came to an end, Sam joined Everton and Jordan signed a three-year contract with Club Brugge. The brothers are still playing at the highest level of professional soccer today.

How did the McNutt brothers come to play soccer?

The McNutt brothers are the sons of U.S. soccer legend John McNutt. The boys grew up playing soccer together and eventually started their own club, the McNutt Brothers. After making their World Cup debut in 2014, the McNutt brothers have been a key part of the U.S. team’s success. In particular, George and Christian McNuttt scored the winning goal in the United States’ 2-1 victory over Portugal on Sunday night to help them advance to the Round of 16 for the first time since 2002. That win also marked their first ever game in a World Cup for different countries, making them the first siblings to ever play in a World Cup game for different nations.

McNutt brothers win World Cup game

Following their 13th consecutive World Cup appearance, the McNutts had a memorable experience in Russia. They attended their semi-final match between Croatia and England at the Luzhniki Stadium, which resulted in a 2-1 victory for England.

The brothers also obtained tickets for both semi-finals and the final. Bill McNutt remarked that the World Cup in Russia was very well organized and clean. Bob McNutt expressed happiness at his team’s performance in the tournament. The pair seemed to be in rare company, attending their 13th consecutive World Cup.

They are known for their love for football and have proved to be diehard fans of the game.

What is the McNutt brothers’ story?

The McNutt Brothers are the sons of Bob McNutt, who played for the United States in the World Cup. The brothers are also members of the US National Soccer Team and play for Premier Development League team Richmond Kickers. In 2016, the McNutt brothers won the US Open Cup, making them the first team from outside of North America to win the tournament.

The McNutt brothers have been involved in soccer since a very young age, and they’ve continued their father’s legacy by continually representing their country at the international level. Last year, they defeated Manchester United in a pre-season match, marking their first win against a professional club. This victory has made them one of the most successful soccer families in history.

With two games remaining in their World Cup campaign, it’s hard to predict which way the McNutt brothers’ story will go. But their passion for the sport and dedication to achieving success has made them one of the world’s best soccer families.

What are the McNutt brothers’ goals for the World Cup?

The McNutt brothers have been following the World Cup with great interest, and their goals for the tournament are to watch their respective countries’ semi-finals and final matches. Bob is an avid FIFA fan and has been to his 13th consecutive World Cup, while Susana and Amber are also keen followers of the event. The family has a few tickets for both semi-finals and the final of this year’s edition.

They have watched many memorable matches in the past, including Brazil’s 5-2 win over Germany in 2014. They would love to see their respective teams in the semi-finals. Besides, it will be an ideal opportunity for them to witness world class football action at its best

Their daughters Rabel and Slone are fond of the game too, and they have been following their respective teams’ progress with interest. Rabel follows Croatia and Slone supports England at a close distance. The two girls would love to attend a match during the World Cup

The McNutt brothers are also looking forward to witnessing Russia’s vibrant culture and cleanliness during the tournament

The abovementioned story is a testament to the McNutts’ passion for the game and their ability to make it work for them. The McNutt brothers have been able to carve a niche in the American soccer landscape by showing that size doesn’t matter as long as you are willing to work hard. If you get the chance to meet them, be sure to tell them how much they inspire you!

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