PDF Splitter Tools and Methods to Use

PDF Splitter Tools and Methods to Use

A PDF splitter is used to splice a PDF file into pieces. You might split PDF pages if you only want one or two (or more) pages from the document and the rest to be removed, or if the PDF is too large for whatever you want it for.

This might sound like a complicated procedure, but it’s actually very easy to do. There are several online and offline options that work in just a few clicks. In fact, you might even already have a program installed on your computer that can do the job.

How PDF Splitting Works

Most of the PDF page separators below give you a few options: “explode” the document into multiple files where each page of the original becomes its own PDF, extract one (or more) specific pages, or delete particular parts of the PDF so you’re left with just the portion of the original that you want.

When extracting specific pages from the PDF, you’re often given the option to split in half so that one PDF holds the first half of the pages and the other has the second half. For example, you could split a 100-page document so that you have two separate PDFs, each with 50 pages.

Another way these separators work is by letting you pick a range of pages. Maybe your file has 225 pages but you only want pages 10–50 and 223–225. In this scenario, you’d split into two separate PDFs, both containing only the pages you chose to extract. Some splitters even let you merge your split page ranges—for this, the PDF would just contain pages 10 through 225, with 1–9 and 51–222 removed.

A few of the better PDF splitters can also cut the document by size, a perfect solution if yours is too large to upload to a website, send over email, etc. Just choose the size you want each piece to be and the program will split the PDF into as many pieces as necessary to ensure that each file is under the size you’ve specified. East to Split PDF Online free at


The iLovePDF website is one of the easier ways to split a PDF’s pages online, into separate, individual PDFs. You can upload a PDF from your computer or via your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

When you choose your file, you have two options, to either split the PDF by page ranges or to extract all the pages from the PDF. 

The Custom ranges option also lets you merge all the extracted ranges into one PDF, essentially removing some pages out of the original PDF but leaving everything else (the pages you chose) intact.

The Extract all pages option is self-explanatory: every page will be extracted into its own PDF. For example, if there are 254 pages, you’ll get a ZIP file of 254 PDFs.

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Sejda’s free online PDF splitter is very similar to iLovePDF but lets you preview all the pages before you extract them. In addition to loading PDFs from your computer, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google account, this website can also import PDFs by URL.

Once the document is uploaded, you have four options for how you want to split up the pages. You can either extract every page to a separate PDF, select which pages you want to split, split every so-many pages, or split every even page.

Files uploaded to this site are auto-deleted after two hours.

All of these PDF splitting options are easy to understand except for the “Split every X pages” option. You’d use this one if you wanted every PDF to be a specific number of pages. For example, if you have a 12-page PDF, you could split every two pages to make six separate PDFs.

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Google Chrome

If you use the Chrome browser, you can easily use it as a PDF separator to save just one page (or a range of pages) to a PDF file. 

Since Chrome functions as a PDF printer, you can “print” any file to a PDF and save it to your computer. Since Chrome can also open and read PDFs, you can combine these two into an easy-to-use PDF splitter feature.

Here’s how to split specific pages from a PDF with Chrome:

  1. Either open the PDF online using its URL or with the Ctrl+O (Windows) or Command+O (Mac) keyboard shortcut to open a local PDF from your computer.
  2. Choose to print the page as you would normally print in Chrome to save a paper copy, but don’t actually print it! Use the Destination drop-down menu to pick Save as PDF.
  3. Select the Pages drop-down menu and select Custom.
  4. Type the pages you want to split from the PDF. For example, to save just the second one, type 2. You can also print other pages at the same time, and even entire ranges of pages—just separate everything with commas. Another example where Chrome would split the PDF to save only pages two and four through six would be to type 2,4-6.
  5. Choose Save.


Smallpdf is similar to other online PDF splitters but has a lot more options if you want to do more with your PDF than just cut out some pages. You can keep your PDF online and do all sorts of neat things with it.

After uploading, you have two very easy-to-understand choices: extract every page into a separate PDF (this one isn’t free) or select which pages to extract to make a custom PDF.

If you pick the option to make individual PDFs from every page, you can download each separately, get all of them in a neatly organized ZIP file, and rotate the pages. 

If selecting individual pages to separate, there’s a preview of the pages; select which ones you want. Some splitters make this harder than it has to be but Smallpdf does it really well.

Once you split the PDF, you can even convert it to Word, compress it, merge it with other PDFs, and edit it on the same website.

Another unique feature is that you can merge some of your PDF pages with select pages from a different PDF. This is perfect if you need to attach certain pages from multiple PDFs and want to avoid the middle processes of extracting and merging.

Everything you upload to this site is removed automatically after an hour for privacy reasons.

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