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Perfect Holiday Marketing Campaign on Instagram

Instagram has a lot to offer businesses worldwide, and the holiday season offers huge business opportunities. There are many periods in human societies that have different significance, including the Chinese New Year and Indian Diwali, Thanksgiving, Yuletide, and Yuletide.

These times call for celebration. There is a lot to be done, including lots of eating, drinking, winning & dining, gift exchanges, and feasting. 

Black Friday, however, is a fake holiday that celebrates consumerism.

Millions of people around the world scamper to buy their favorite stores at (seemingly!) low prices.

The holidays are a great time to position your brand and make a significant portion of the revenue. This is a great opportunity for businesses to thank their customers.

They reward their loyalty with one hand and encourage them to spend more money on the other.

Why should you have a holiday marketing campaign?

Customer Engagement The holiday season offers you a unique opportunity to engage loyal customers, and bring in new customers . You can simply identify with them and create a festive atmosphere that will be appreciated by them.

Reach Enhancement Holidays are enjoyed and discussed all over the world. A campaign centered around one holiday is a great way to reach people who don’t know much about your brand. They might even become repeat customers.

Reward Customers/Earn loyalty: These seasons can be used to reward and appreciate customers for their patronage. These opportunities are rare as holidays are usually annual. They can be very impactful when they do.

Encourage Purchases – When you create your holiday campaign, it’s also possible to add some marketing. Companies often use the theme to encourage people to buy more. This can lead to significant profits.

We’ve now established the benefits your brand stands for. A well-planned and executed holiday campaign can take your business to new heights.

You must be careful to achieve maximum results. Here’s how:

Planning and Execution of the Perfect Holiday Marketing Campaign via Instagram

Instagram, just like all other social media networks, offers a wide range of tools that allow you to run holiday campaigns. You can easily implement your campaign online with the help of many features and themes.

How can big brands effectively market holiday ideas on Gram? Well…

1. Make a concept

You must come up with a new concept. You need to be innovative and fresh, but not over-the-top.

All you need is a common theme to build your campaign around. So, do your homework. Make sure you know the history of the holiday.

This will allow you to create the right campaign themes. A well-crafted marketing campaign tells an interesting story. It makes the campaign look professional, organized, and on-point.

2. Make a calendar

Even though the holiday season is only for a few days you should create a mini-calendar. It will include a list of activities you intend to do before, during, or after the holiday season.

This ensures that your campaign is complete. Your social media content must be planned and properly scheduled to achieve amazing results.

3. Get your shop up and running

Your online and physical spaces should be in line with your holiday theme. Color tones can be used on Instagram for display photos and videos.

It’s also a smart idea to have enough stockpiles in order to be prepared for the holiday rush.

Instagram has also developed features that allow for online marketing over the years. Make sure they are all optimized.

Instagram Shop Feed: Your product list should be well-curated. Keep your feed updated with new products.

Instagram: Shoppers now have the ability to choose products directly from their Instagram feeds and make payments without leaving the app.
You want to optimize these key features in your store for your holiday campaign.

4. Make your photo and video materials

You now have a plan and a calendar. What’s next?

Now it is time to curate campaign materials. Keep the campaign theme in your mind as you create content.

also optimizes your visuals on all devices. This is done by using dimensions and sizes that correspond with the Instagram interface.

5. Make sure you have Instagram ads ready

If nobody knows about your campaign, it is useless. Once everything is set up, you can reach a larger audience by using your Instagram Ads.

This can be approached in many different ways. You can try the good old Instagram ads. You can also partner with an influencer or e-marketer. Or do both.

To promote your plans, you can organize contests or interactive activities. You can go wild, and reach as many people as you want.

6. Check out Collaboration Options

There are many benefits to partnering up with other brands and–again -relevant influencers during the holiday season.

Reaching out this way will make your campaign appear more sophisticated. This can give your ideas a new perspective.

Marketing collaborations are a great way to expand your reach to a wider audience.

7. Get creative with product packaging

Although it may seem small, holiday themes can make a big difference in your product packaging. This is if it’s done correctly.

The way you present your product to customers is a big deal. You can increase the impact of your campaign by making small changes to your strategy or packaging, as well as including small gifts.

Similar to the above, Instagram users can make search engines and platforms’ algorithms more aware of holiday-themed products by adding them to their Instagram feeds.

A small action such as including a related hashtag in your product description could make your page one the most popular results when people search for holiday items.

It’s impossible to predict the impact that this will have on your brand over time.

8. Bring your employees along

Make sure your employees are on the same page when creating a marketing campaign.

You can make your employees smile with holiday-themed uniforms and create new designs within your workplace. These can all increase your chances of success.

9. Take Stock of Your Results

A target is the foundation of every marketing plan. Measure your success rates against pre-determined metrics after the holiday season ends.

This will help you to see what you did well and what you can do better in the future.

Pro-Tip: Post-holiday sales and exclusives can help you make more sales.

Final Thoughts

A holiday campaign offers many benefits and possibilities. It’s easy to lose sight of the main purpose in life, especially with all the bustling activities that are common during peak season.

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These pitfalls can be avoided by setting a budget and not exceeding it. Keep in mind that you are running a business. Your corporate name is not Santa Claus Inc.

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