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Who is using social media for uploads and this is also a good way that people can show their talent to the whole world through social media.

There are many jobs available in capital goods. Some of the most common jobs include manufacturing, engineering, and research and development. The industry is growing rapidly, and there are always new opportunities to be found. If you have the skills required for a particular position, there is no doubt that you can find a job in this sector.

So friends, the question is how to reach as many people as possible who upload blogs, videos, images on social media?

Friends, I am going to tell you about Pinterest from where you can bring millions of traffic.

Millions of public on Pinterest look for good Hindustan news videos and images where you can show your awesomeness and bring millions of traffic to your blog or website.

So let’s know about Pinterest (Pinterest se traffic 2022)

1. Pinterest app Download – Friends, first of all you must have a smartphone or laptop, if you have any of these, after that you first go to the play store and download the Pinterest app.

2 . Create business account

After downloading the Pinterest app, you have to create a Pinterest business account. In which you have to fill email, address, password etc.

After that, by going to your email, the verification email of Pinterest’s account will come, which you have to verify.

After that you have to complete the complete details of the setting of your profile.

As you fill all these information, your personal account is ready in the same way, but you have to create business account only because what are the benefits of business account and personal account will be known from the table below.

Features                   personal accountbusiness account
Profile pictureYesYes
Cover photoYesYes
Publishing toolsYesYes
Ads mangerNoYes
Verified MarchNoYes
Default landing pageHome feedHome feed / business hub
Conversion insightsNoYes

After creating your profile, you will see 3 dots in the top side, on which you have to click, then you have to go to the setting and go down to the account setting.

There you have to click on convert to a business account and then click on convert account, then you have to complete that 4 step –

1 . Profile Name

2 . your website URL

3  . Describe your self

4 .  As on Pinterest

As soon as you complete this 4 step, your personal account will be converted into business account.

By now you must have understood how to create an account and convert personal account into business account.

Now we will talk about how to bring traffic to the blog, so let’s understand, just read step by step carefully and keep learning. For this, I am going to understand you in the below step –

How to bring traffic to the blog (Pinterest se traffic 2022)

First of all, you have to go to the create option, there you will see 3 things and those are the things of our work –

1. create   board

Board is a category in which you can make according to your blog, on whichever category you write a blog, you will make their board.

Creating a board is important because if you make a blog about technical things, then you will have to create a board in the name of technical, so that you will be able to add all the technical blogs there so that it will be easy for people to understand.

2 . Create Pin 

Friends, if you want good traffic on your blog from Pinterest, then you have to create attractive pins so that the upcoming users will like your pin so much that that user once clicks on your created pin.

That’s why you have to create a very attractive pin which will increase traffic to your blog quickly.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when creating your pin.

2.1  Images

Friends, according to your topic, you have to create attractive images to a user, which will attract the attention of any user.

2 .2   Title

Friends, you have to write the same title that you have used in the blog and your title should be according to the post.

Example – If you have your post regarding blogging then your title should also be related to blogging.

2.3  Description

Friends, now you have to write very key words in the description or you can write the words of the top header of your blog. You have to write very good 2, 3 lines so that the user will find it easier to read and better.

Your description will attract the user to read your post. And when the user will reach your blog then the traffic of your blog will increase.

2.4  Add your website URL

Now you have to add a link to your blog or website so that users can access your website.

Friends, if you have followed all the above mentioned steps properly, then your pin will rank very well in Pinterest.

Create Idea Pin

Pinterest has newly launched the feature of Idea Pin, in which you can upload videos, shorts, images of your blog, which will prove to be very helpful in increasing the traffic of your blog.

Now how to create idea pin –

First of all you have to open your profile Pinterest, after that you have to go to the idea pin and you will get the option of videos, images.

You have to select the video that you want to create the idea pin and click on the Next button.

So you will see some more options below like -Color, Text, Duplicate, and Add Page’s new feature in which you can bring more beauty to your idea pin.

After you click on the Next button, you have to publish the idea pin by writing the title and add to details, so that your idea pin will go live and reach more and more people.

Creating  regular 2 idea pins 

Friends, the more active you are on Pinterest, the more you can bring good traffic to your blog.

You have to create 2 idea pins daily and that too of good quality so that your blog will have a Reach Increase and you will get a lot of benefits. That’s why you have to create a regular idea pin.

turn on pinterest ads

Friends, through Pinterest add, you can bring very good traffic to your website or blog.

To run Pinterest ads, you will first have to create a campaign, only then you will be able to turn on ads on Pinterest.

Now the thing to remember about the campaign is that you should create a campaign according to your blog or website.

If the campaign will be according to your blog or website, then the chances of changing the traffic on your blog are increased.

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Friends, today through this post, you can easily bring millions of traffic to your blog or website, due to which traffic will come to your blog, then your income will also be good.

Friends, in today’s time, Pinterest has become very popular because 70% of women’s accounts have been made here, due to which more and more people use Pinterest.

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