Star Swim School – A Nation of Safer, Smarter, Stronger Swimmers

Star Swim School serves as the Peak Industry Body for over 600 Swim Schools and strives to offer an engaging, educational, and entertaining swimming experience that produces safer, smarter swimmers in our nation. As one of Cranbourne’s finest swim schools with state-of-the-art facilities for learning swimming skills.

Learn to Swim

Learn to swim in a safe and welcoming environment with the guidance of our expert teachers. With small classes and low teacher to student ratios, your child will receive all of the support necessary to reach his or her swimming goals.

At our Baby swimming lessons Clyde, children learn to swim using the GOswim program which makes learning to swim enjoyable! Offering graded levels suitable for students of varying skill levels.

Drowning deaths have decreased and medical experts report that swimming activity provides numerous physical and mental health benefits for all ages. Swimming can also provide lifelong recreational enjoyment; finding an appropriate learn to swim program at an early age could lay the groundwork that will last a lifetime!

Water Safety

Drowning risk has reached unprecedented levels among generations. Children are missing out on millions of swimming lessons while adults overestimate their water skills. Swim schools have experienced staff shortages which has delayed children receiving swim lessons for several months; waitlists now form instead of classes being filled immediately.

Teaching your children the value of always seeking permission before entering water is an essential lesson to teach them – starting this conversation and taking swimming lessons are also great ways of reinforcing this message.

Supervision of children when around water is essential; active supervision means setting down your phone and paying close attention to them at all times. Don’t rely on flotation devices – they may give children false confidence and shouldn’t replace direct supervision; be mindful that children can drown within 20 seconds! To stay safe, always stay within designated swim areas and abide by guidelines provided by lifeguards in your locality.

Adults & Children

Royal Life Saving Australia’s Drowning Report shows that one in four Australian adults can’t swim effectively; deaths occur most frequently among people aged 25 – 34 years.

Our baby Swimming classes clyde feature classes tailored to all skill levels – from novice swimmers to advanced ones. Our qualified instructors can help build confidence while improving your technique.

After experiencing staff changes at another large local swim school with overworked teachers, our daughter decided to enroll at Starfish. Her teachers are extremely caring and professional – her progress has been very promising! Thank you – You guys are the best.

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