Taco John's and Taco Bell, the two Mexican fast foods

Taco John’s and Taco Bell, the two Mexican fast foods

If the possibility of contracting diseases that affect the digestive system does not discourage you from eating at Chipotle, then the restaurant’s annoyingly high prices most certainly will. It is common knowledge that the company charges customers an additional $1.95 for guacamole on top of the prices for queso and chips; however, we are simply drawing attention to this fact as an observation. The company is notorious for this practice. To put that into perspective, if you consume at Chipotle with guacamole twice a week, you will spend approximately an additional $200 per year. This is based on the assumption that you eat there 52 times yearly. More explanation is available on Comida Mexicana cerca de mí.

Taco Bell

To begin, look at the bright side: According to food historian Jeffrey Pilcher, who discussed the subject with NPR, Taco Bell was primarily responsible for beginning the obsession with Mexican food in the United States. Taco Bell opened its first restaurant in 1962 in California. Before that time, people in this country had an odd perception of Mexican cuisine, viewing it as strange, spicy, and potentially contaminated with bacteria. If there hadn’t been a Taco Bell, would our love of tacos have blossomed as rapidly as it did? Do you think it would have expanded at all if it had happened?

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The bad news is that the restaurant that was America’s first attempt at a “Mexican” franchise may be the one on this list that offers the food that is the least authentic attempt at Mexican cuisine. There are undoubtedly Americanized versions of tacos and burritos that, if nothing else, show a passing resemblance to their Mexican counterparts, even if the cheese on top looks strange, brilliant yellow, and fake. In other words, some tacos and burritos have been Americanized. A couple of the horrors that can be ordered are the “Mexican” pizza and the Triple Double Crunchwrap. There are plenty of other options.

In 1992, when Taco Bell initially attempted to open a location in Mexico, the locals were perplexed by the restaurant’s menu, which was so foreign to Mexican culture that it was ultimately compelled to change its name. Taco Bell was kicked out of Mexico less than two years after it opened its doors in that country, and it was kicked out again when it attempted to open back up in the year 2007.

To put a positive spin on things, there are no Taco Bells in Mexico. Still, in the good ol’ United States of America, the company was just named America’s favourite “Mexican restaurant.” In Mexico, there are no Taco Bells. Even though this may be more of a criticism of Americans than a complement to Taco Bell, we will use it as a compliment anyway.

A local establishment known as Taco John’s

Only six years after Glen Bell established Taco Bell, John Turner, a survivor of the Korean War, established Taco John’s. Taco Bell was created by Glen Bell (originally called Taco House). If there is one thing that can convince you of the authenticity of the food served at Taco John’s, it is the fact that the founder of the chain, Turner, received the idea for it while he was still working there at McDonald’s. This fact alone should convince you that the food served is authentic. But authenticity was not a problem at the early Taco John’s locations, which tended to crop up in rural regions of the Midwest that had either no Mexican restaurants at all or very few of them. This meant that there needed to be more competition for Taco John’s to compete with.

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