The 5 Popular Ways of Cannabis Intake

Cannabis continues to be prescribed for a wide range of diseases. But despite boasting so many pharmacological applications, one challenge commonly faced by new marijuana users is how to administer the herb. 

Fortunately for you, we’ve prepared a definitive guide to the top popular ways to take cannabis. To further help you narrow down your search, we’ll highlight the most significant benefits and drawbacks of each delivery method.

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1. Smoking Cannabis Buds

Smoking is one of the oldest ways to consume marijuana. Even today, the practice has continued for years after other cannabis delivery methods were invented.

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How to Smoke Cannabis

  • Harvest or buy fresh cannabis buds or flowers.
  • Allow the flowers to dry.
  • Crush the dried plant biomass using your hands and use the crashed pieces to make pre-rolls.
  • Light up the pre-rolls and enjoy your puffs.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Smoking Cannabis

Smoking produces one of the fastest onset times of all popular cannabis delivery methods. That’s because cigarette smoke containing cannabis compounds enters your bloodstream immediately via the mucous membrane in your lungs. Cannabis smokers can experience the herb’s effects in as little as five minutes after taking the first puff. 

Conversely, smoking is associated with many long-term health problems, including lung and liver damage. Note that the adverse effects of cannabis smoking aren’t attributable to the herb. Instead, the risks come primarily from the compounds formed when raw cannabis extracts are oxidized through combustion. 

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2. Mixing Cannabis Oil with Regular Cooking Oil

Most cannabis products today are available in the form of oils. 

When looking for marijuana supplements, you’ll come across terms like CBD oil, THC oil, CBC oil, etc. The word appearing before ‘oil’ is the specific cannabinoid from which the product is made. 

Note that cannabis produces over 100 cannabinoids. These are the compounds that give marijuana its healing properties. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the most popular cannabinoids in weed. That explains why most cannabis oils are formulated with either CBD or THC, sometimes a combination.

How to Consume Cannabis Oil

The common way to consume cannabis oil is by mixing it with your regular cooking oil. Some users also prefer adding marijuana oil directly to their salads and desserts. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oils deliver long-lasting benefits. These products can stay in your system for three days after the last dose. 

However, marijuana oils can take considerably longer (up to three hours) to kick in.

3. Administering Cannabis Tinctures Sublingually

Cannabis tinctures and cannabis oils look pretty much the same. But despite both products coming in liquid form, they differ considerably in their composition.

Cannabis tinctures contain specific cannabinoids and high-proof alcohol, while cannabis oils are usually formulated with marijuana combined with a carrier oil.

How to Consume Cannabis Tinctures

  • Measure the proper doses using the provided dropper.
  • Drip the measured amounts underneath your tongue.
  • Hold for a few minutes, and then swallow.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures have a relatively fast onset time (about 15 minutes). These products enter the bloodstream through the salivary glands under the tongue. 

However, the effects of tinctures tend to fizzle out much faster.

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4. Vaping Cannabis

Vaping follows a near-similar concept to smoking. However, the practice is widely considered safer than traditional cigarette smoking due to the absence of combustion and smoke production.

How to Vape Cannabis

  • Ensure your vaporizer has enough charge.
  • Also, ensure the device’s tank is filled with e-juice.
  • Turn your vaporizer on using the provided mechanism.

NOTE: Some vape devices have an On/Off button on their side, whereas others turn on automatically when you draw air from the mouthpiece.

  • Let the vapor form in the device.
  • Vape away by drawing air through the mouthpiece.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Vaping Cannabis

Vaping has the same onset time as smoking, as both practices involve inhaling cannabis into the lungs. But as we’ve indicated, vaping is safer than smoking since it doesn’t involve combustion. You also get to experience richer flavors. 

However, vaping is still riskier than most cannabis delivery methods. Besides, the practice usually involves a steep learning curve due to the complex paraphernalia.

5. Chewing Cannabis Gummies

In the past few years, the popularity of cannabis gummies has significantly grown. And as you shall find, there are numerous things about gummies that make them so unique.

How to Consume Cannabis Gummies

Cannabis gummies are administered by chewing the same way as regular gummy bears.

Benefits of Cannabis Gummies

The most significant advantage of cannabis gummies is their ease of administration. These products come with predetermined cannabis doses. To consume them, you simply pop and chew. Cannabis gummies also look like regular gummy bears. That makes them an excellent choice for stealth marijuana users. 

The only notable drawback to cannabis gummies is that they take considerably longer to kick in. But that’s only due to the long digestion process these products must endure before reaching your bloodstream.

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Wrap Up

Whichever way you choose to administer cannabis, it’s imperative to keep your doses down. That will help you avoid any side effects. Also, check your local cannabis laws before ordering any marijuana goods.

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