The Battle of the Gaming Laptops: MSI Gaming GS63 vs. Asus ROG FX503

Computer gaming laptops are an entirely different animal than your regular, everyday laptop; they’re more powerful, they have better displays, and they’re designed to handle the demands of high-end PC games without breaking a sweat. They’re also often highly configurable, letting you swap out components as needed without requiring you to buy an entirely new machine… assuming that your budget can handle it! So if you want the ultimate gaming machine, which one should you go with? The MSI Gaming GS63 or the Asus Rog FX503? Let’s find out!


MSI’s design is a sleek, polished aluminum alloy chassis with an RGB-lit keyboard, while ASUS’s design has a more rugged feel to it with a matte black finish and red accents. The two laptops are similar in size (the ASUS is just slightly larger), but ASUS has a higher resolution display at 1920×1080. If you want to game on the go, but don’t want your rig to be too bulky, then these two laptops should satisfy your needs! With both laptops coming in at about three pounds and having battery life for up to 10 hours, there really isn’t much separating these two machines! The differentiating factors come down to a few small details; namely that ASUS supports Windows Hello facial recognition login and wireless charging, whereas MSI does not. And if you’re looking for a bigger screen with sharper graphics, then ASUS’ laptop would suit your needs better. But if portability is what you’re after, then the MSI Gaming GS63 might just be the perfect gaming companion for when work calls or travel beckons!


The performance between both is even, however for long-term use, I recommend going with the MSI Gaming GS63 because it’s better built and has a more future-proof design. It also has a higher battery life and brighter screen than the Asus Rog Fx503 which will be important when you’re playing games on your laptop all day in dim lighting. Another major plus is that its chassis only weighs 3 pounds! It makes it perfect to carry around during the commute or if you just want to bring your gaming system around without worrying about weight or size. 

 In contrast, while not being too much heavier at 4 lbs., the MSI Gaming GS63 is much thicker at 1 inch thick compared to 0.7 inches on the Asus Rog Fx503. So if space matters, then get yourself an ASUS ROG FX503.


MSI’s MSI Gaming GS63 is one of the best laptops you can buy for gamers on a budget because it offers a ton of power in a great-looking package, with a 1080p screen that’s perfect for gaming. This laptop has an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU and Intel Core i7 processor which makes it perfect for playing games at high settings without breaking your wallet. The GS63 also comes with a SteelSeries keyboard with multi-color backlighting as well as RGB customizable light zones. The downside to this device is its touchpad, which isn’t as responsive as we would have liked. 

The Asus ROG FX503 might be more expensive than other laptops on this list but if you’re looking for ultimate performance then this could be the perfect fit for you.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, the two machines are similar. The MSI’s battery lasts for about four hours and 45 minutes on a single charge, while ASUS’ lasts for roughly five hours and 30 minutes (depending on use). On average, the MSI Gaming GS 63 lasted 18% longer than ASUS ROG when it came to battery life. It may not be much but the difference is noticeable. 

Both laptops also come with fast charging technology that makes it easy to get back up and running after only an hour or two. 

So if you’re looking for better battery life, consider picking up the MSI gaming laptop as opposed to its competition.

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