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How To Increase Smartphone’s Lifespan | Top Cell Phone Repairs In Montreal

Upgrading to the latest flagship smartphones each year may seem enticing, but it can be expensive. The iPhone, Samsung, and other Android mobiles are undoubtedly impressive devices, but their price tags can hit you hard, with some models reaching well over $1,000. Considering the escalating cost of new phones, it’s prudent to explore ways to extend the life of your current smartphone and save big bucks in the long run.

You don’t need to be a tech guru to achieve this; some straightforward tricks can significantly improve your phone’s longevity. By incorporating these tips into your daily habits, you can optimise your phone’s performance and preserve it for longer without needing a cell phone repair Montreal

Stay Updated: App and OS Updates Are Vital

To ensure your phone runs smoothly and efficiently, keeping your operating system and apps up-to-date is crucial. Regular updates fix bugs, resolve security issues, and introduce new features to enhance your device’s performance. Android and iPhone devices offer automatic app updates, making it hassle-free to stay current. 

  • For Android users, open the Play Store, access the menu, tap on Settings, and enable “Auto-update apps.” 
  • For iPhone users, navigate to Settings > App Store and ensure “App Updates” is switched on. However, note that this feature may not work when your phone is in Low Power Mode.
  • For system updates on Android, check for updates in the Settings app under “Software Update.” The device will automatically download and install updates overnight when charging on an iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to turn automatic updates on or off.

Declutter: Delete Unused Apps Regularly

Smartphones have finite storage and memory capacities, so keeping the number of unused apps to a minimum is essential. Deleting apps you rarely or never use can free up storage space and prevent unnecessary background processes, improving your phone’s speed and responsiveness. 

  • On an iPhone, simply long-press the app icon and select “Remove App.” 
  • For Android users, long-press the app, tap the “i” for App Info, and then choose “Uninstall.” Consider setting a monthly calendar reminder to go through your apps and delete any unnecessary ones routinely.

Invest In A Protective Case

While the aesthetics of your phone are important, safeguarding it with a protective case is a wise decision. Accidents happen; a protective case can prevent your phone from shattering when dropped. Though some may prefer the sleek look of a naked phone, the smart choice is prioritising protection. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive case, but having one can extend your phone’s life and increase its resale value when you upgrade.

Keep Your Phone Clean

A clean phone not only looks good but also operates efficiently. Dust and grime can interfere with your phone’s performance, affecting its screen sensitivity and other functionalities. Regularly clean the charging port, microphone area, speaker grille, and headphone jack to ensure optimal performance. 

You can use a toothpick to remove any lint or dirt gently. Cleaning the screen, sides, and back with suitable cleaning agents will keep your phone looking pristine and enhance camera performance and overall user experience.

Prevent Overworking And Overheating The Battery

It’s essential to dispel myths surrounding smartphone batteries to maintain their health effectively. Fast charging is generally safe and won’t harm your battery, but it consistently drains your phone to zero can. 

To ensure your battery’s longevity, avoid exposing your device to situations where it could overheat, such as leaving it in direct sunlight on hot days. Overheating can stress the battery, potentially reducing its overall lifespan. Taking care of your phone’s battery from day one can lead to it holding a charge for several years.

Replace The Battery, Not The Phone

Even with proper care, batteries can deteriorate over time and lose their capacity to hold a charge. Instead of replacing the entire phone, consider replacing the battery. While many modern smartphones have non-removable batteries, you can open certain models for battery replacement. 

Tech users can opt for DIY battery replacement kits from reputable sources, often including all the necessary tools and a new battery. Alternatively, official service centres can replace the battery for you, providing an affordable solution to extend your phone’s functional life.

Regularly Backup Your Phone

Though it may not directly impact your phone’s lifespan, regularly backing up your data is essential for ensuring you don’t lose valuable information. When it’s time to say goodbye to your current phone, having all your contacts, photos, videos, and settings backed up will simplify the transition to a new device. 

  • For iPhone users, ensure iCloud backup in the Settings app under “iCloud > iCloud Backup.” 
  • Android users can set up automatic cloud backup via the Settings app or utilise the backup services provided by their device manufacturer.

If You Ever Need Cell Phone Repair In Montreal, Then Where To Go?

If you accidentally drop your phone off and need to go to a mobile phone shop, you can go to Mobile Montreal. Their techs will provide affordable, reliable and professional cell phone repair services in Montreal.

By following these simple yet effective tips, you can maximise the lifespan of your smartphone, save money, and ensure you get the most out of your device for years to come. So, take charge of your phone’s longevity, and make the most of your technological investment!

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