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Top Custom Web Apps in 2023

Web apps are a crucial part of the growth of both large and small businesses. Creating a web server-based application is called custom web application development. Users utilize a web browser with a network connection to access it. To easily target a particular audience, retain them, and keep them engaged, many firms have started to create custom web applications as the world has grown technologically, and we now spend most of our time online. If you have any idea and want to convert it into the reality, you can take help from custom web application development services. This is because firms may establish plans more quickly and effectively by leveraging online applications.

Examples of Custom Web Apps


The most complicated instrument in the business world today is email. The most well-known email service created by Google is Gmail. This app’s user-friendly functions and simple UI have contributed to its success. Many features are available, including as compatibility with Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts. Additionally, it has a multitude of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integrations and is free to use. Despite all of its infrastructure, Gmail remains the industry’s oldest email service. People all across the world use Gmail, and demand is only increasing.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the following example of a top web app. It is a cost-free cloud storage platform. The service syncs user data across all platforms, including tablets, smartphones, and desktop PCs, including stored papers, images, and more. A progressive web app is Google Drive as well. Google Documents, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Workspace, Gmail, Android on mobile, Chrome, Google Analytics, and YouTube are just a few of the services and systems that are integrated with it. Google Drive’s main rivals are Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, and DropBox.

Most users access Google Drive through its browser app. Android and iOS mobile app users for Google Drive can store, share, and view files. Every user of GDrive receives 15GB of free storage. More space is available for a very affordable price. The business version of Google Drive is called Google Drive for Work. It provides limitless storage, more administration options for IT managers, APIs for integrating with current corporate applications, and more technical assistance from Google.


Starbucks created a PWA of the online ordering system to give their customers easy-to-use, accessible online ordering. This PWA offers an experience comparable to that of their native app. To put it another way, Starbucks PWA’s offline mode functionality enables users to peruse the menu, make changes to their orders, and add products to their carts without constant internet access. Once online, consumers can order food and drinks and examine location-specific prices.

Most PWA services are accessible without a network connection. It is ideal for mobile users who may experience intermittent connectivity throughout the day or emerging markets with unstable connections, such as rural areas. Starbucks has already achieved notable outcomes by introducing the new ordering PWA. The web software is a favorite among users because it is 99.84% smaller than Starbucks’ current iOS app. Consequently, they doubled the daily volume of orders on the website, and desktop and mobile users now place orders at roughly the same rate.


For people who want to move more quickly into homes at various stages of their lives, Settled is one of the finest web applications. With the dynamic web application Settled, you can purchase real estate with just one touch using the tap-to-buy feature. The web program has a beautiful, simple UI. Additionally, it has a scannable layout, an effective design, and a soothing user experience. The web app’s brand identity and the color scheme go together without distraction. Fonts are simple to understand and use. Top-notch user experience (UX) is important. The web software also has a straightforward navigation system and is simple to use.

In addition, Settled has been able to follow current trends, including using images. The use of illustrations gives the mobile app design a distinctive visual quality. Their group has expertly produced a striking graphic scenario and vector artwork.


Amazon, one of the world’s most well-known and significant web retailers, initially concentrated on selling books and office supplies. The company later broadened its product offering to include accessories, electronics, and e-books for digital players like the Kindle. It is currently the biggest internet market ever. Amazon wants to make it easy for customers to access its products immediately and use most of their features without delays. Amazon Web Services is a complete computing tool that offers users a scalable section on demand. This is one of the best web application samples for learning from in the retail and e-commerce industries.

Google Keep

Surprisingly, Keep is the only Google service available as a truly competent and valuable progressive web app. Keep functions like a real program and lets you search, view, and modify your existing notes and add new ones while you’re offline, unlike its Google family cousins. It’s a unique choice that is unquestionably beneficial in this format, and it includes cutting-edge features like time- and location-based alerts, tagging, color-coding, and even A.I.-driven image-to-text conversions.

One of the finest web applications for editing photos is Pixlr. This app’s style and organizational structure immediately reveal that Adobe Photoshop, a popular photo-editing program, served as inspiration. Therefore, those of us who use Adobe Photoshop will be very acquainted with this application. The similarities go beyond just how it looks, though, as this web application also uses layers and lets us edit compositions just like Photoshop. Despite not being able to anticipate much from this app, it is still a good and reliable tool when you need it.

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