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Top Interior Car Lights and Lighting Accessories

Many drivers concentrate on external lights while seeking lighting alternatives to customise their cars. But new interior car lights can improve your car’s appearance just as much as new headlights. Interior lighting options are abundant, and the latest technology enables you to customise every aspect of your car’s interior. So, this post will take you through the innovative car lights to install inside the vehicle.

What Are Custom Interior Car Lights?

Custom interior vehicle lights typically consist of the best LED lights for cars that you add to the interior. They provide the following advantages:

  • No Battery Required: You may not always need to connect your custom interior lights to battery, depending on the kind you select. You can look for LED lights in stores where you can buy car accessories online.
  • Long-Lasting: LED lights in your car often have a longer lifespan than conventional types of lights.
  • Increase Resell Value: Making your car stand out with custom lights might increase the vehicles resell value.
  • Enhance your Style Statement: Installing unique lighting is a great way to express your personality and show how much you love your car. 

When installing unique interior car lights, you may get creative. You can go for white lights that are brighter or multi-colour lights that change colours. One of the most popular types of light in cars is LED. This is because they emit light using a semiconductor technique. Therefore, they won’t burn out like other types of bulbs.

Additionally, LED lights consume less energy and don’t emit heat. They are, therefore, a good option for illuminating your car’s interior. Since LED lights are sometimes available in strips, they may also be simple to install.

Types of Custom Interior Car Lights

You can select from a wide variety of custom car light types, such as:

  1. Door Lights

You may add more lighting to your doors at night using door lights. This can assist you in finding the door handle, window controls, or door storage. Some individuals decide to display their love for the brand they drive. They do so by installing a contemporary branding light on the doors.

  1. Dome Lights

When you open or close your car doors, dome lights illuminate the front and back of the vehicle. These interior car lights are what you want if you want to add a unique touch of style. Replace your existing dome lights with a brighter LED bulb. You may also go for your favourite hue to create a unique appearance.

  1. Trunk Lights

LED lights are another way that some individuals modify their trunks. Switching up the lighting can increase visibility when loading or unloading at night. It may also result in a distinctive design for your car’s trunk.

  1. Map Lights

Map lights are supplementary lights that can improve visibility. You can install them to make it simpler to read a map, a book, etc. Even though you might not explicitly require map lights in today’s cars due to the prevalence of GPS. But you can still swap them out with brighter LED inside lights for a standout look.

  1. Accent Lights

Accent interior car lights are best in those areas where you want to enhance your car. You might put them in the backseat or underneath the seats as a nice surprise for people in the backseat. The many light kinds can be combined and matched to provide a distinctive design.

How to Choose the Interior Lights for Car

You may want to upgrade your car’s interior lighting for various reasons. This includes the need for a brighter lighting setup if you frequently travel at night or for purely aesthetic reasons. Picking the correct automobile interior light bulbs can be challenging if you’ve never done it before. Before beginning your search, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Locate the Car Cabin Light Bulbs –

The first step is finding out how many and where your car’s cabin light bulbs are. A few map lights and at least one dome light are standard equipment in most cars. Two map lights in the back and accent or ambient lighting are best with newer, more expensive choices.

  1. Know their Type –

The festoon bulb and the wedge base bulb are the two fundamental types of automotive cabin lights. The first variety has silver caps on both ends. The alternative features a metal bottom with a knife-like appearance. These two types of interior car lights are not interchangeable. So, you must be certain of the kind installed inside your automobile.

  1. Safety and Legality –

A few models of car cabin lights may not be suitable for your vehicle type and may be harmful. Installing lights that are too bright can be dangerous. They might be a distraction to you and other vehicles on the road.

So, if you are looking for the best and most innovative interior car lights, check out Carorbis’s online store. You may want to give your car a more contemporary appearance with lovely and fascinating interior lights. offers an excellent and expanding variety of automobile lights from leading brands.

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