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Unique flooring with Original handmade Rug and Carpets

Iranian carpets are popular all over the world because of their originality, beauty of design, durability, and course, their artistry Until today, Iranian carpet is one of the best in the world and is at the highest level. Apart from rich motifs, there are many reasons why this carpet is one of the most expensive carpets in the world. In the following, we will read more about the Iranian carpet, its unique features, and its buying guide.

Types of Persian Handmade Rugs

There are different types of Iranian carpets. One of the ways of classifying carpets is based on how they are woven. For example, machine-made carpets or hand-woven rugs, which, of course, are considered one of the most expensive and luxurious Iranian goods.

Other types of carpets are divided into wool rugs and silk carpets. Wool carpets are made with simple and cheaper threads and have a lower price, but silk carpets have a high price, and due to the use of silk threads, they have more vibrant colors and a softer texture. Of course, today some mixed carpets are also woven, some of which are made of wool threads, and some of them are made of silk.

Iranian carpets are different depending on the city and region. Kashan is known as the carpet capital of the world. Mashhad and Tabriz carpets are in a good position in the carpet market of Iran and the world. You must have heard the term Qali Kerman. Other regions of Iran also have a hand in weaving carpets and rugs. The type of knot is also important. Carpet knots in Iran are divided into Persian and Turkish knots.

Persian carpets are also classified in different dimensions, from carpets with sizes bigger than 12 x 9 to 6×9 rugs and carpets smaller than 3 x 5.

Characteristics of Iranian carpets

One of the most important characteristics of Iranian carpets is the uniqueness of each region. In this way, the type of knot in a hand-woven rug differs from the hand-woven carpet in other areas. If we give a specific and identical design to two people and give the same type of thread to each of them, the result of the work is not the same from the point of view of the experts, so for the sale of carpets that have a specific signature, we should not use this Let’s use the method.

The most important reason for the popularity of Iranian carpets compared to other countries is the wide variety of colors, which are more popular due to the use of vivid and fresh colors. The quality of materials used in export carpets is another reason that should not be neglected. But whatever we pass, the reality of the matter returns to the rugs woven by hand. Still, many people around the world are amazed to hear the fact that thousands of thread knots together and using hand power can create such an amazing pattern.

1.The use of natural materials in handwoven carpets

Wool, cotton, silk, and threads with natural fibers are used for weaving handmade rugs. Therefore, we will not face skin sensitivity when using these carpets. These fibers last for many years and do not lose their beauty and shine. Also, their nature is such that they are warm in winter and cool in summer.

2.Using natural dyes for handwoven carpet

Natural dyes, such as henna, walnut skin, amber, etc., are used in the dyeing of handmade carpet fibers, and no harmful chemicals are used. To test an excellent or bad handwoven carpet, just rub a wet white cloth on it. If the fabric becomes colored, it means that the handwoven carpet has artificial color. Persian Gray rugs or red, brown, green, blue and other colors are all woven with natural colors

3.The flexibility of handwoven carpet piles

The piles of handmade area rugs are very soft and delicate as much as you can lay a baby on a handwoven silk rug without becoming sensitive because these fibers are extremely thin, natural, soft, and made of organic materials.

The benefits of buying authentic Iranian handwoven carpets

In addition to the features we mentioned for handmade carpets, we should also mention the advantages of buying and using these carpets. The benefits distinguish handmade rugs!

The value of the carpet increases over time

One of the wonders of the handmade carpet is that the more people step on it, the more it shines. Therefore, the handmade carpet not only does not decrease in price but the older it is, the higher its value and price.

The possibility of repair and restoration of handmade carpets

Don’t worry about your handmade rugs being damaged or defective because they can be easily repaired. Any defects such as tears or decay in these carpets can be repaired. The only important thing is that to have a reliable texture, we have to leave it in the hands of professionals.

A safe investment in handmade carpets

Handwoven carpet is precious in terms of value and price. Because art is handmade, and no machine has played a role in its creation. Over time, the price of a handmade rug increases, so if you want to invest in an expensive item, a handmade rug is a great option.

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