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Unique Gift Ideas for Women to Make Them Feel Special

Whenever we talk about gifting something to a girl or woman, we get a lot of ideas as the options for women are way more than for men.

Somehow, it becomes difficult to choose the right gift. So if she has a special occasion coming up, like a birthday, or anniversary, or maybe you just feel like making her feel special, this list might be exactly what you’re looking for because we know a thing or two about finding the best gift for her.

Whenever you are hunting for gifts, always try to get something that shows what they mean. Gifts serve different purposes, so keep in mind what your need is or what you want. Definitely, these materialistic things won’t last, but creating memories will be with you forever. 

Before beginning this difficult task, consider her passions and hobbies and get something that aligns with them. Try to keep notes of things they like in your mind; this also shows you’ve been paying attention.

Every woman in the world deserves the best. But it becomes a difficult task when it comes to shopping for her special day. You want to be sure you pick out the best. The key is finding something thoughtful that she will truly adore. You can also send gifts online if you are not in the same city.

Black Dress

A girl will never say no to a black dress. Even if the wardrobe is full of clothes, they will always have some space for the new ones, especially the black ones. A black dress will never go out of style. 


If she loves to read and there is no place to keep the books, then this is one of the best gifts you can buy. Kindle is perfect for on-the-go reading, and there will be no need for extra space to keep the books.


If the recipient is working in an open-plan office or at home, headphones will be a lifesaver. She can crank the noise cancellation to drown out the chaos around her—or put it at zero if she is unable to pay attention.

Yearly Subscription

Gifting someone a yearly subscription to Netflix, Prime, Hotstar or any food application for online food delivery will be the best gift. This unique idea will win the heart of the recipient for sure. 


A collection of handbags can never be enough for a woman. You can choose any pattern or design as a wide range of handbags is available. You can select any sling bag, tote bag, cross-body bag, Satchel, duffle bag etc., according to your preference. This will be the best gift to add one more bag to their closet. 


Every woman loved to wear jewellery. They have different jewellery for different occasions. A new piece of it will never disappoint them. You can get a pendant of their initials, a pair of oxidised earrings or a beautiful silver ring. 

Handmade gift combo

Women are very sensitive and emotional. They will feel out of this world even with a small gesture. Gifting them a handmade gift combo will make their day. Take out some extra time to put effort into making a small handmade card, or you can also write a letter and add some chocolates and a few other items to make a nice combo pack. The person who is receiving it will always be grateful and will cherish this whenever they look at it. 

Beauty Products

Women just love getting ready and putting on makeup. A wide range of make-up products is available so it will be difficult for you to decide what you should get. You can take help from someone to get the right product. Also, you can customise a proper make-up combo for the women in your life. 

A Pair of Sneakers  

If she’s really into sneakers or was thinking of getting a new one, gift her stylish and comfy sneakers. If you want to gift her something classy and stylish, you can get her a gorgeous pair of heels.  

Custom Photo Art

For the person who cherishes memories, you can think of creating adorable custom photo art to hang on the wall. You can add pictures of all the beautiful moments you have spent together. This sentimental gift they will truly appreciate.

Hair Styling Equipment

Do a little research and get hair styling tools for her. You can get the product according to the hair of the person who will receive it. You can get a straighter, curler or hair dryer according to their needs. 

So here are some of the out-of-the-box ideas and thoughtful gifts for women. Hope this will help you to choose the right gift. 

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