Warm to Pink: Creating Beautiful Fingertip Magic

For women who are in pursuit of fashion, colorful nail polish can make the nails bright and rich. The color-changing effect of galglitter nail polish is achieved through the color-changing principle of temperature-sensitive color-changing powder, which changes the color of nail polish with temperature.

The temperature change nail polish is made by adding temperature change powder as a raw material to the nail polish, and this nail polish changes color back and forth as the temperature rises and falls. Not only is the color bright and varied, but the color change temperature can also be customized, such as 18 degrees, 31 degrees, etc., to achieve dynamic colors for nail art design.

Temperature change powder Environmentally friendly super long lasting weather resistant color change material

There are many colors to choose from, but the basic principle is low-temperature color and high-temperature colorless, or low-temperature dark color and high-temperature light color. For example, when we wash our hands with hot water, the nail polish will change color instantly, such as red can become yellow, black can become red, purple into blue, etc. When drying hands, when

the hand temperature returns to normal temperature, the color change nail polish also returns to the color before the color change. Of course, warm nail polish can also change color with cold. For example, we wash our hands with cold water or go swimming in the pool; in the moment of contact with the cold water, the color change nail will also instantly become another color.

Temperature change powder Change color with temperature

Many women use nail polish to create colorful nails, for the safety of the product also raised their own questions, worried about whether nail polish gel is harmful to health or whether temperature change affects durability. In response to this question, galglitter can tell you responsibly that there is absolutely no need to worry; enjoy the joy of beauty because the environmentally friendly ultra-long-lasting nail polish produced by Shengxue Technology does not contain BPA, non-toxic and non-irritating to human skin, and fully complies with food safety level certification. And the temperature change powder produced by Shengshi not only has a wide range of colors, complete varieties, high color change sensitivity, and long weathering time but also supports (color and temperature) customization and provides professional solutions to make your products unique in the wind of the smart era.

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