Oktoberfest dirndl

What should you look for in a dirndl dress?

Picking the right type of dress, especially for an event or festival, can be hard. You might get overwhelmed by the number of choices you get to see. Things can get even more complex with a dirndl dress. 

In the following article, we will help you determine if a vintage dirndl dress is authentic or not. The pure beauty of a traditional dirndl is to take you back to the time and have fun.

What facets to consider before purchasing a dirndl dress

There are certain facts you should consider before purchasing a vintage dirndl dress. These vintage pieces are hard to find online. You should ensure its authenticity beforehand.

Oktoberfest is famous for food, colorful clothes, and fun activities. Almost every person attending one opts for a traditional attire to keep themselves rooted to its origin. 

Each season we have seen some great dirndl dress online and in-store, which keep viewers wishing to have one. 


The material used in any dress is essential. A poor quality material can easily result in early wear and tear issues. Women of Austria and Bavaria first wore a vintage dirndl dress in the 19th century. As the year’s pass, we see it as an upgraded version of a traditional dirndl

Oktoberfest dirndl dress allows you to put on a variety of fabrics and different colored clothes. These layers of clothes are either made of cotton or corduroy. You can choose it according to weather conditions. Moreover, you can have various materials in aprons too. You can put on a net or silk fabric to add a fashionable touch to your outfit!


Designing plays a vital role in a  vintage dirndl dress. There is no need to revamp it completely. The originality of a vintage dirndl dress is its customary and traditional design, which is visible in both ancient and present times. The traditional design has not been eliminated. However, a touch of modernity has been included in it.

Designing and striking colors go hand in hand in a dirndl dress. Also, you can choose between ruffled or puffy sleeves in dirndl blouses.

Visual appearance

What you see is what you get. There is no way you can get a fallacious garment if you choose an authentic store. There is no point in denying that a traditional element still present is a vintage dirndl. Nonetheless, 

you can look glamorous and oh-so-chic while wearing one at Oktoberfest. Designers of vintage dirndl are thoughtful enough to keep the tradition and modesty equally balanced. 

You can still have abundant customization choices in a dirndl dress. For instance, you can have a zipper front, lace up front, or conservative neckline. Dress up the way you want.

Bright colors

Previously vintage dirndls were only available in gray, black, blue, and light pink colors. It was merely a uniform of maids. However, today a vintage dirndl is known to be a fashion trend. 

You can explore a range of vibrant colors and floral prints, though. Also, aprons worn along with dirndls are a great way to add a color pop to your dress. You can also have two in one apron, meaning it can have two different prints or colors on each side.

Where to buy Oktoberfest dirndl dress at the best price

You might struggle to find an authentic online store selling an Oktoberfest dirndl dress at a budgeted price. At Lederhosen Store, you can get a glamorous Oktoberfest dirndl dress at the best possible price. They offer premium quality fabrics to their customers and a vast range of dirndl styles.

You have endless color options, like neon, solid and vibrant colors. Moreover, they also have vintage dirndl dresses in checkered and floral designs. Their top priority is customer satisfaction which they ensure via authentic payment gateways. For instance, if you are unsatisfied with what you have received, you can hand it over and get back your money. However, this is a rare sight as they have an extensive range of fabrics, designs, and eye-catching contrasting colors to compel you to hit the ‘buy now button.

How can you style your Oktoberfest dress?

We have a small piece of advice for those new to dirndls. Styling a vintage dirndl dress can be different from wearing another dress. These dresses had origins in the 19th century. You have taken a sneak peek into what women use to accessorize it. You can wear statement accessories to uplift your simple Oktoberfest dirndl. You can do so by wearing a choker or ancient times earrings.

Furthermore, pair it with comfortable shoes, be it heels or pumps. You have to feel yourself and be comfortable in your skin to enjoy Oktoberfest. After all, it’s a fest that no one will miss!

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