What to do if the diamond of your engagement ring falls off?

We all love a diamond for special days but maintaining them gets tricky over the years. Every bride’s worst nightmare is the diamond falling off the bezel without their knowledge. The older your ring gets, the higher the chance of your diamond getting loose. There are many reasons behind this. Wear and tear from daily use, scraping against anything or simply age can become a culprit. What do you do if this happens? Diamonds are expensive but more than that the sentimental value of your wedding ring is immense. It is natural to get upset if something like this happens. Firstly, do not panic. Read on to find out what else you can do after you calm down.

Maintain your ring periodically

Prevention is better than cure so our first tip is regarding preventing anything like this from happening. Get your diamond ring cleaned and polished at least every 2 years. The jeweller will also tighten the bezel or the prongs during the process if there is a potential of the diamond falling off. The service usually does not cost anything at all if you are going to the same jeweller who made the ring.

Look for the diamond first

If you notice the diamond falling off almost immediately, look for it then and there. It is a hard blow if you own something as expensive as oval cut diamond engagement ring. It is your lucky day if you find the diamond. wrap it securely in a Ziplock bag and take it to the jeweller. They will be able to fix the diamond back on your ring. Do not try to set it yourself at home- you will end up damaging the bezel or breaking the prongs. If that happens, your jeweller may be able to rescue the ring but that will come for a hefty cost.

Engagement ring insurance

Always get engagement or wedding ring insurance right when you are buying it. many reputed jewellers offer such insurance at great discounts as a combined cost while purchasing the ring. If you have such insurance, if the diamond falls off, you can file a claim and at least retrieve its original value. If the clause is better, you can even retrieve the present-day value of the diamond. However, make sure you get every clause of such insurance and its validity everywhere. If you lose the diamond out of the country where the insurance holds no value, you will have a hard time retrieving the price.

Use a fluorescent lamp to search for it

The diamonds glitter and have a certain amount of fluorescence which is useful to find if it falls off. Especially if it is a tiny diamond, you may not be able to see it easily with your naked eyes. But using a fluorescent lamp will automatically show your where the diamond is when it glitters.

Lab grown diamonds UK is as precious as an organic diamond. Hence, you just cannot give up on it if it falls off. If you keep the tips shared above in mind, you can surely retrieve the diamond or at least get back its value.

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