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Nieku Manshadi – Biography of Elizabeth Lail’s Husband

Nieku Manshadi is Elizabeth Lail’s (starring in You) husband. The couple got married after they had been in a long relationship. 

Manshadi has gotten famous lately due to his wife, Elizabeth Lail. The actress has been getting some great roles in some of the best and most watched TV Shows right now. 

Recently, she has been getting fame for the psychological thriller You (Netflix) for her attractive and hot character in the show. She plays Guinevere Beck. But you’re not here for Beck, right?

Who Is Nieku Manshadi?

Living in Stone Ridge, New York, Nieku Manshadi is a pediatric dentist and is now married to Elizabeth Lail. He got his popularity from marrying a famous actress that is now getting more media attention thanks to her interesting roles in TV shows and movies.

Nieku Manshadi and Elizabeth Lail’s Wedding

At first, the couple was only dating, but in August 2020, they took their intimate relationship to the next level and decided to get engaged. After almost a year of their engagement, the couple decided to get married on April 24, 2021. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet your Bryan Pediatric Dentist and Surgeon Nieku Manshadi, DDS, and the lovely one and only Elizabeth Lail.

Since the wedding ceremony took place during peak Covid-19 and lockdown, there weren’t many guests invited. Only the close family members were present on this special occasion. Some say that there were only 22 guests present.

“We planned everything with COVID in mind! I think we could have easily invited 200 people had it been another time,” We decided not to wait and just invited the family to keep it safe for everyone.  We were also the only guests on property, which gave us peace of mind to be in our own little bubble,” stated Elizabeth Lail.

Nieku Manshadi Biography

This section will tell you everything you need to know about Nieku Manshadi.

Early Childhood

Unlike other famous celebrities, Manshadi has been off the radar forever. Even after surfing the deepest parts of the internet, we couldn’t find much information about this celebrity spouse.

Personal Information and Ethnicity

Even though the nitty gritty is not known, Manshadi is an American Dentist with Iranian roots. His parents, Mojgan Manshadi and Farzin Manshadi are Iranian. His parent moved to the United States.

Education and Career

As we said earlier, Nieku Manshadi has been under the radar, but his early education is still unknown. However, he got his Doctor’s Degree in Dental Surgery from the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, the University of the Pacific, located in Stockton, California. He also completed a two-year pediatric dental residency at Boston University.

Currently, he practices dentistry at Safari Dental & Orthodontics. He isn’t just an ordinary surgeon. He’s been to the Philippines and Ecuador to serve the patients.

How Did Elizabeth And Nieku Meet?

The couple meets in an old-fashioned way, at a party in Williamsburg. They both liked each other, Duh, and started dating. (Nobody knows when they actually started dating)

After that, the relationship got stronger, so they decided to get engaged and eventually got married last year.

Nieku Manshadi Body Dimensions

If you take a first glance, you WILL notice that he’s a tall, handsome guy with a cute smile. His estimated height is no less than 6 feet. He is tall, handsome, and slim, with black hair and brown eyes.

Age and Birthday

Manshadi was born on March 27, 1982, in the US. At the time of writing (2022), he is around 40 years old. Elizabeth Lail is 30. 

Net Worth

Nieku is a senior and well-known dentist in the United States. He may be rich as, according to statistics, dentists make more money than physicians in the US. He is definitely a millionaire, but his exact net worth is unknown.

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