Why are eyebrows so important?

Humans have lost a significant portion of their body hair over many hundreds of thousands of years. We still retain our senses in the area above our eyes. You could therefore be wondering why we have brows.

One of a person’s most recognizable facial traits is their brows. Eyebrows begin to develop in pregnancy around the 32nd week, just like eyelashes, but they’re frequently so light that they aren’t visible until after birth. Most people don’t give their brows much thought until they have grown in. But you’d certainly notice if they weren’t there. Why are brows significant?

Why are eyebrows necessary?

According to experts, the two main functions of eyebrows are to communicate and to keep moisture out of our eyes.

1.   They shield our eyes from light and moisture.
Physically, brows serve to protect and preserve the clarity of our eyes. They keep our eyes from becoming moist from sweat and rain, preserving our vision. Have you ever noticed how the hairs on your brows grow toward the sides of your face? By doing so, you can help any moisture move from your eyes and onto the side of your head. Additionally, brows can keep debris out of your eyes and cut down on the amount of light that reaches them.

2.   They support communication and mutual recognition of expressions
The brows have a significant role in human communication and expression. They enable us to express our feelings. One raised eyebrow indicates attention or suspicion. Surprise can be shown with two raised eyebrows.
Eyebrows are more generally significant for facial identification than just for appearance and emotion. In an earlier study from 2003, participants were asked to recognize the faces of fifty well-known figures, including former American president Richard Nixon and actress Winona Ryder. The images were altered by the scientists to either lack eyebrows or eyes. Even without their eyes, subjects could still recognize the renowned faces 60% of the time.
However, just 46% of the time could subjects recognize faces without eyebrows. This, according to scientists, shows that eyebrow henna are just as crucial to facial recognition as eyes, if not more so.

3.   Eyebrows help us empathize with others
Eyebrows make it easier for humans to have empathy. When we communicate better, we’re able to understand what the other person is feeling. Better comprehension fosters empathy even when people do not speak or use the same language. A brief “eyebrow flash,” for instance, signals friendliness and openness and encourages interaction, drawing people closer.

In order to keep your brows healthy and hearty, one always look for ways to have fuller and thicker looking brows that does not damage the brow hair but also gives the perfect look to our facial features which is why brow henna is just for you.

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