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Why Do So Many New Yorkers Use an Independent Insurance Agent?

If you ask local New Yorkers how they got their car or business insurance, they’re likely to tell you they got referred to an agent by a friend, or maybe they just found one on social media. Regardless of how they contacted the insurance agency, many New Yorkers have one they know and trust. But why is this not going out of style in the social media age? Surely, it’d be faster to just Google? 

The truth is, having someone in your corner for life when it comes to insurance is the best way to retain your peace of mind, especially when the number of insurance companies seems to be getting larger and larger with each search.

So, if you’re wondering, this is why locals love having an independent agency, and not a franchisee, in their corners. 

They Are Licensed and Experienced

The best thing about a good independent agency is that they are fully licensed and understand how to explain insurance in simple terms. This is vital as the technical language that insurance companies use is hard to understand, but you need to able to know what coverage you have and what you need.  

If you’re in the market for a highly qualified insurance agency in New York, choose The NY Insurance Hub. They are an independent agency that offers NY business insurance quotes, homeowners insurance quotes and auto insurance quotes for locals, and have been doing so for years now.  

You Get More Options

Independent agencies have more flexibility to look for the perfect & most cost-effective insurance coverage. This wider variety of options means you get better coverage, less restrictive policies, and lower rates. With the help of policies that work in conjunction with the insurance you already have, independent insurance agencies frequently have the ability to offer solutions to cover any potential coverage gaps as well. This is not generally the case with franchises. 

You Can Save Money

Independent insurance agencies ( can compare rates easily for you, another perk of them not being tied to just one company. They can compare a variety of prices for the same policy because independent agencies do not have a preference for any particular brand. Frequently, this wider variety of options means you can get multi-policy discounts, get policies that work together and are cheaper, or just get a better price for what you need.

You Get an Advocate

Insurance agencies that are affiliated with a parent company have strict requirements. Instead of working for a single company, an independent insurance agency works for the customer. When it comes to making a claim, this is a significant advantage. Protection claims are muddled, and it’s simple for policyholders to lose all sense of direction simultaneously and the specialized terms included. A trained professional working on your behalf, and an independent insurance agent increases your chances of receiving a fair settlement.

They Offer Unbiased Advice

Insurance agencies who work for a single company have a narrow perspective on the market. In contrast, independent agents collaborating with dozens of insurance companies have seen enough of the market that they can offer you actual advice that is not biased and is current to the ongoing changes in the market. This is something you just can’t beat when it comes to buying insurance. 

They Will Understand You

Oftentimes independent agencies consist of local agents who are happy to work with you for the long term. This understanding of local knowledge means they will be more acquainted with you personally and help you alter your insurance as your needs change throughout your lifetime. Did you downsize your home when the kids leave home? They can help. Did you get your dream car? They can help. Did you want to take a gap year and need the gap in coverage explained? They can help. 

Most importantly, if you need to file a claim, the agencies will be understanding, compassionate and help you as much as they can.  

It’s a One Stop Shop

You will likely need multiple types of insurance to meet your lifestyle requirements. You can get straightforward one-stop shopping for all of your insurance needs from independent agencies. Most of the time, independent insurance agents offer homeowners, auto, commercial, personal property, umbrella, and other types of insurance. They are also able to offer policies that cover particular issues like an insurance for special events, antique cars, and pets. This is just peace of mind and makes you feel like you have someone in your corner for life. 

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