Why Outsource Haulage to a Logistics Company

The answer is quite simple. These companies have a distinct expertise to handle all sorts of difficult and challenging haulage operations.

As these are standalone companies specifically for haulage, warehousing and logistics, they have all the tools and resources to handle haulage operations of any kind.

Why Choose Orlov Logistics

We have a brief history of providing quality services to companies from different industries and of different sizes. Orlovis a renowned name in the warehousing & logistics services in UK as one of the best logistics companies for 3pl, warehousing services in UK, logistics, haulage and moving, and Amazon FBA. Here are the benefits you get working with us.

Cost Effectiveness

By outsourcing your haulage opeations to us, your company saves up on capital, salaries, maintenance costs, licensing fees, etc.


Thanks to our extensive portfolio, we have the knowledge, the team and the experience to streamline haulage operations of all complexities and sizes. We have been serving the industry for years and have the time put in to understand all sorts of haulage needs.

Compliance to Trucking Regulations and Laws

We have a team of legal experts that ensure that all operations are in compliance to the laws imposed by the regulating bodies in the government.

Exceptional Client Support

We are all set to help you out with your queries of any kind. We have a team of adept individuals with extensive knowledge of haulage and moving to clear any confusions you have in mind.

Detailed Reports of Performances

We offer you an in depth analysis of your haulage operations from the first step to the last. We provide detailed reports of shipping, loading, management of time and much more.

Trained Labor & Drivers

We have highly trained drivers that can take on any sort of challenging haulage duty and task. We ensure that these drivers have proper licensing, training and are aware of the challenges on the road alongside the laws and regulations.

At Orlov, we believe in delivering unparalleled services that are surely to make your business careless about the hassles of haulage and shipping and instead focus on other aspects of business operations.

Get in touch with us now and let our experts help you streamline your haulage operations.

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