Wishful Corporate Gifts For Diwali Your Employees Will Surely Love

The preparations for the much-awaited Diwali celebrations are already underway, now is the time to make arrangements to surprise your employees with thoughtful and wishful gifts. With the convenience of online gift stores, you won’t have to break a sweat or the bank to spread the Festive of Lights sensation with your team. We cannot deny that others at the office may already have certain gifts in the collection! But, you can make things fun by trading gifts on this auspicious festival. Read on as we share wishful corporate gifts for Diwali your employees will surely love.

Gifts That Keep Giving

When it comes to presenting gifts on special occasions that only come once a year, like Diwali, make lasting impressions with gifts that will keep on giving! So, you should consider practical corporate gifts for Diwali that will help boost your team’s creativity and easily plan their work.

Indoor Plants – Plants are known to improve air quality, lowers stress, and improve concentration and creativity. Surprise your employees with wishful air-purifying plants like Lucky Bamboo, Money Plant, Bonsai Tree, Jade Plant, and Syngonium.

Personalised vases – Spruce up the indoor plant gesture by presenting the plants in personalised vases. There is a wide variety of options from which to choose, which include self-watering to personalisable figurine plant vases.

Journal combo – Taking quick notes is the best way to grasp a ton of information, thanks to the reference. So, surprise your team of go-getters this Diwali by presenting them with a personalised journal combo. Include essential items like a pen, highlighter, and page markers.

Calendar – Planning to have a giant printable calendar with photos of your team on their birthdays? To get their creative juices flowing, you can also get a personalisable Pentagonal shape or scroll calendar, among others.

Personalised mug – A hot cup of tea or coffee surely works wonders, especially when starting the day or getting your A-game on after spending a couple of hours tipping the scales in the organisation’s favour. Express your appreciation by presenting personalised mugs. You can order and personalise mugs and other gifts from online gifting apps

Sweet Treats

Pampering loved ones with sweet treats is part of our tradition and the most important gesture for the Diwali celebrations. So, complete the festival celebrations by presenting a snack keepsake for your team. You can choose a variety of souvenirs depending on the number of treats you wish to present to your team. You can go with signature boxes and baskets, among others.

Traditional sweets – Since Diwali is among the most celebrated traditional occasions, traditional sweets are the centrepiece of the celebrations. So, consider including sweets like Soan Papdi, Pinni, Kaju Katli, Chana Burfi, etc. 

Chocolates – Chocolates are irresistible delicacies loved by everyone. You must add the most popular brands like Kit Kat, Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury, Kisses, etc.

Cakes –  Cakes are celebratory delicacies we all love. If you are hosting a Diwali party at the office, then you must have a lip-smacking and enticing cake. Consider picking popular flavours like Vanilla, Chocolate, Black Forest, Fruits, Caramel, etc. Since it is for Diwali, you can incorporate eggless flavours.

Desserts – Dessert is a delightful treat after a delicious meal. So, treat your team with soul-satisfying desserts like pastries, brownies, dry cakes, ice cream, regional sweets, and cookies.

Decorative Gifts

Spending the greater part of our days at work surely makes the office our second home. Since the space we spend the greater part of our time in influences our moods and creativity, why not spruce up the workspace for your team with decorative corporate gifts for Diwali.

Personalised wall clock – Personalised wall clocks are more of a gift they will take home rather than use at the office. So, you can have the clocks personalised with their photos, names, or a Diwali message.

Fridge magnet – At home, the fridge is one of the stops almost everyone ritually visits to get beverages and frozen treats, which makes it the best place to remind your team how much they mean to you. Check out trending fridge magnets on online gift stores and social media platforms.

Photo frame – Since we celebrate traditional occasions by wearing our best attires, why not host a photo shoot and quickly have the pictures framed in stunning photo frames? You can surprise your team with personalised tabletop and photo frames.

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