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Writing a dissertation on Archeology- Things you must avoid

Dissertation writing is scary task as it puts students into a series of problems. It sometimes becomes hard for most of the students to stay calm in every situation, regardless of the nature of the problem. Another reason making dissertation writing a hard nut to crack is the lack of interest in the writing process. Luckily, if you are studying Archeology, then you will not have to deal with losing interest in dissertation writing. Archaeology itself is an interesting field of study, and if you are enjoying your research, then writing a dissertation will become easy, at least to some extent.

While writing a dissertation on Archeology, several things need to be focused on. The top of the list is to ensure originality and relevance throughout the dissertation. Likewise, there are dozens of things to avoid as well, such as choosing a too-broad topic and using jargon. These are only generic things to avoid, but after reading this article till the end, you will be able to make a list of don’t, which is extremely important for Archaeology dissertation writing. Let’s start our today’s discussions:

Archaeology dissertation- A brief introduction

Let’s discuss these two words separately for better development of conceptual understanding. First of all, a dissertation simply means a long piece of academic writing that demands a detailed description along with the solution to the problem under study. Secondly, the word archaeology refers to the study of human history by analysing the artefacts, excavation of sites, and other remains having a physical existence. To put it simply, if you select a research problem relevant to the field of Archaeology and report your results by writing a dissertation, then it simply refers to the act of writing a dissertation on Archeology.

Common Things To Avoid While Writing A Dissertation On Archeology:

Though there are many things that a new archaeologist or researcher must pay attention to, but not all things can be mentioned in only one section. It takes time, and with time one can easily cover all dissertation writing flaws. Thus, below are some important things to avoid based on the common problems often seen in undergraduate Archeology dissertations.

Don’t Use Fire And Candles Near The Archeological Sites:

For writing a good unique or original dissertation, the foremost important thing is to conduct research by direct involvement. However, handling the artefacts or excavation of sites is itself a technical process. So, never use candles or fire near such sites and samples; otherwise, the reported results will not be considered authentic.

Do Not Roughly Handle The Archeological Sites:

There are some basic steps for conducting research in the field of Archeology, such as handling the excavation site with great care. To do so, never touch them without wearing gloves, as even the natural oils present on your palm can affect the results of your study.

Do Not Miss References For Supporting Each Piece Of Information:

Keeping in mind the purpose of writing a dissertation on Archaeology, only superficial analysis of sites will never let you come out with results that would amaze the world. However, to prove the authenticity of your work, you must need to refer to the original source.

Do Not Forget To Mention The Type Locality:

Mentioning the type locality of the site is another important thing that an Archeology dissertation must contain. Without giving proper information about it, your reader cannot find the same site for further investigation or duplicating a study.

Do Not Merge The Content Of Different Chapters Together:

Well, like all other types of dissertation writing, while writing a dissertation on Archeology, you must also follow detailed chapter-wise guidelines. Mostly in the absence of such guidelines, students fail to create proper sections under each head, thus, merge the content.

Do Not Send The Rough Dissertation Draft Directly:

Spelling and grammatical mistakes are among some hilarious mistakes that all Archeology writers must avoid at any cost. These apparently simple-looking mistakes can have a drastic effect on the overall quality of your dissertation. So, you must avoid it.

Never Lose Focus On The Main Problem Related To Human History And Pre-History:

After all, you are writing to solve a notable problem relevant to human history by evaluating the artefacts. So, you must not add any piece of information that seems irrelevant to the main topic of interest.

Avoid Writing A Dissertation Without Conducting Research:

Generally, students after writing one or two chapters of a dissertation, get confused about what they have written. Actually, all this is just because they start writing without clearing their concepts, which results from a lack of research. This practice must be avoided to save time as well as attain proficiency in writing. The basic formula to get succeed in writing a dissertation is ‘research before you write.’

Never Being Vague While Reporting Result of Your Research:

Clarity is the quality that increases the chances of acceptance of your dissertation at first attempt. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of the latest trend of choosing complex vocabulary for reporting, even the simplest task makes dissertation writing vague. However, to increase the readability of your dissertation, you must choose simple vocabulary and active voices.

Never Get Scammed By Fake Thesis Writing Services:

The shortest solution to writing a dissertation on Archeology is to get professional thesis writing help. However, this shortcut will become a trouble if you select the wrong thesis writing service. So, here the million-dollar advice is to avoid consulting all fake thesis writing services. The best way is to first check the authenticity and then place an order to make your writing trouble-free. 

Final thoughts:

After all is said and done, we should end the discussion on the point that writing a dissertation on Archeology is indeed a technical task. However, if you are well aware of all the do’s and don’ts of the writing process, then it can be managed with great ease. The current article has provided you with enough information about the don’ts of writing; however, if you are curious to know about do’s as well, then stay connected with us

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