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4 Essential Tips to Fix Roof Leaks

Your home is one of the biggest assets of your life. It provides you with a safe space to relax and enjoy yourself. As you know, one of its most essential components is the roof. Whether it’s raining or sunny outside, your roof saves you and your belonging from all weather.

However, the first sign is always a leak if your roof’s health is compromised. Leaks can be very frustrating, and they keep causing damage to your home over time. If these signs are ignored for long periods, your roof can become dangerous to the extent of collapsing.

If you are facing a leaky roof, do not panic. Here are four essential tips that can help you in fixing your roof.

  1. Use a Tarp

Using a tarp is one of the traditional yet effective methods of preventing a leaky roof. A tarp is a strong waterproof material in a flexible cloth form. Its flexibility makes it very easy to be used on roofing without any professional help.

Once you locate the leak’s origin, you can use the tarp to cover the vulnerable area. Following this step, you can nail the edges of the tarp down to your roof. This practice only takes a few minutes and prevents your tarp from blowing away in strong winds.

  1. Clear Your Gutters

Gutters are the breathing system of your roof. If they are clogged, the water will accumulate on the roof, putting unwanted pressure. Over time, your roof gets damaged, and the water leaks or seeps into your home, affecting your walls and foundation.

It would be best to clean your gutters regularly, especially after a rain or storm. All you need is a rake, stairs, and a disposable bag. You can use the rake to collect the clogging material from your roof and revive your roof’s breathing system once again.

  1. Get Roofing Cement

What can be better to fix the roof than a type of cement solely dedicated to this purpose? Roofing cement is available at all hardware stores and can effectively fix cracks and holes in your roof. However, it is most effective when your roof is dry.

Roofing cement is very easy to use without any professional help. You can start by brushing away the debris from your designated area and filling it with cement. To secure it further, you can put a roofing mesh on top of your filling.

  1. Keep Replacement Shingles

Shingle roofs can look beautiful on any house. They can add to your home’s visual aesthetic and increase your home’s value if maintained well. However, loose or broken shingles can become a major concern by causing roof leaks. If you feel up to a challenge, you can fix shingles yourself.

Start with gently removing the broken shingle with a flat pry. Use roofing cement to secure the open areas and apply mesh to keep the cement from leaking. Once your area is smooth, you can use nails to place your new shingle. 

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